Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thanks from Auntie M

My Auntie M sent the following email that I would like to share with all you wonderful kitties and parents who posted comments yesterday:

Dear Simba,

Thanks so much for your lovely blog about Flossie – you are such a super kitty.

And please thank all your friends from me for their very kind comments. I’m really touched.

Lots of love,

Auntie M


  1. We're glad your Auntie M found some comfort in everybuddy's comments. Our mom says when one human loses a furbaby, it's like we've all lost one...

  2. Hola, soy una perrita mezcla viejo pastor inglés, vivimos en Argentina, mi mamá humana no tiene gatos en éste momento, pero yo sé que los amá...Te escribo porque la vi llorar por tu gatito negro, en casa había uno igual...
    Somos tu seguidora nª 70.
    A pesar de que es de gatitos, me encantó tu blog.
    Vendremos a visitarte pronto.
    Hay una foto mia en el blog de mama.
    Besitos a todos.

  3. We're glad we could help your Auntie M feel better. We know how sad it is to lose a furbaby and we are keeping your Auntie M in our thoughts.

  4. We were glad to visit and add our purrs...