Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Good Excuse this Time for My Blogging Absence

This time I really DO have a good excuse for my absence.    You see, Mom spent most of the summer away helping out her daughter and with "our" new baby.   Thus Mom, my typing assistant, was not able to write blog posts for me.       So let me introduce her to you:  

I know, it looks like my sister gave birth to a bunny rabbit!       Sillies, those are not her own ears!   She has quite normal human ears, in fact.  

Her big sister came for a visit her first Christmas, and I do hope I get to meet this little one at Christmas time as well, or near then.     I like babies!   They smell good and they don't move fast.     Mom says this one is very opinionated, issuing little noises all the time.  I guess she will be a great talker like her big sister.