Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Mom managed to get a virtual hat and mask on me for Halloween. Have lots of fun! I am going to go to a bunch of Halloween parties! See you there.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photo Hunt - Dark

This is the ledge of the basement window that I spend a lot of time lying on, surveying my outside kingdom. The way our yard and house are, the basement has no windows on the front side of the house, but is at ground level on the back. So I have a big picture window I can look out of. Dad put some towels and a strip of carpet on it to make it cozier for me.

In this picture, as you can see, it looks dark outside. But that is because Mom used the flash. When she took a picture without the flash, you can see there is still some light outside the window, and things for me to be looking at.

The ledge is one of my favorite spots to sleep during the daytime. Mom thinks I look at stuff, and then get dozy and fall off to sleep. Sort of like her when she watches tv in the evenings!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Mom and I are on speaking terms again. She told me it was a lovely day when she got home this afternoon, and I agreed to wear my harnes to go on the deck. I didn't move around, but I really seemed to be loving the sunshine and the leaves, and also sniffing the air. Tonight it gets a lot cooler.

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for blog friends who come and visit my blog, even though my Mom is too busy too help me do a new post, or comment on all my friends' blogs. Hope to be able to do so soon.

I am embarrassed to be re-posting an older picture. But today is foggy and damp and no new pics are available.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Out of Sorts

It gets cold, then it gets warm again: I can't keep up! Just when Mom and I are certain the cold weather has come, it goes up to 75 degrees!

Still feeling a bit out of sorts regarding my harness. Yesterday Mom wouldn't let me on the deck unless I wore it, so I didn't go out, because I ran away when I saw it. Can't you see my mean eyes, Mom?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Mischief Report

This is an older photo because Mom didn't get a picture of yesterday's excitement.

So with the new water softener in place, Dad decided to drain the hot water heater by attaching a hose to it and running it out the basement door. Which led to me getting out, so Mom followed me as I did my usual tour round the house. But then I decided to sit for a long while behind the front shrubbery, so Mom got busy picking up pretty leaves. Next thing she knew, she saw me going into the next door neighbors' yard (on the other side of the wall in the picture), so she followed me, and tried to pick me up to come home. Well, I was super tricky, and got behind THEIR bushes. In the end it took my Dad giving me a chase, and Mom shaking the Party Mix bag, and then I ran home.

I got to wear my harness for the remainder of the day if ever I went on the deck. It makes me hunker down and not move much. I don't like it. They thought they could depend on me to stay pretty close to our house, but now they are not so sure I will do that.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Slumbering Sunday

This is more than "Easy Sunday", I am crashed out. I spent so much time yesterday pestering Mom for more bits of a new food I loved, and also we had a plumber here for HOURS installing a water softener. So I didn't get much rest yesterday. Today I am making up for it.

Mom says the water softener will make her hair feel a lot better when she washes it, and we can finally replace the old dishwasher. I don't intend to find out how my fur feels after washing it, but I can approve of clean food bowls.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo Hunt - Orange

He he he. Today's theme is MADE for me and my furs.

Sometimes, the pictures that come from Mom's camera make my fur look more orange than I really am - either some inside pictures, or pictures in the late afternoon light in the fall. Here are three pictures like that.

Waiting to have somebody open the door for me:

Getting some Temptations:

Seeing to some blogging duties:

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friends Friday

So Mom tells me that today we have to do a post that uses pictures from her laptop, instead of the "big" computer. And she has pretty much used up all the pictures of me on there, so we are going to post a few pictures of kitties who are friends or cousins, or who Mom and Dad met while on a trip. We have recently posted pictures of Flossie, and of my cousins Terrence and Persimmon if you would like to click over to those ones too.

Here's my cousin Audrey who lives in Missouri. When she wakes her Mom up too much at night, she threatens to Quickpak her to live with us. I think I would enjoy that. But Audrey likes to push stuff off counters and dressers, and rustle papers in the night, and Mom and Dad are pretty spoiled by the fact that I don't do those things.
This is Angel. Mom and Dad stayed with her for a while three years ago on a trip. Angel is now an angel at the Rainbow Bridge.

Last year on their trip to Alaska they visited a small fishing village by boat, called Elfin Cove. This sweet mama cat befriended them, so they took her picture.

Have a wonderful Friday, everycat. Whoo hoo, tomorrow starts a weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday in the Garden with Simba

It’s getting to be time to bring the houseplants in off the deck. They have really enjoyed the summer outside: the spider plant has oodles of spidey babies, and the one Swedish ivy that didn’t crash down is looking lush.

When Mom “supervises” me on a walk around the outside of the house (actually, when she catches up with me if I escape from the deck), I sit in this spot at the back corner of the house and take in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. This is close to the basement window I like to sit in and watch the world go by, and nap when I get dozy. It has a nice wide ledge and I can just see the birdfeeder from there.

Happy Gardening, all you cats and woofies and parents! At our house, pretty soon it will be only LEAVES LEAVES AND MORE LEAVES!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Tuesday

I have figured to myself that my parents might consider getting another cat one day, since I am presently an "only". But look what I found on Dad's camera when he got home from his trip! I had no idea he was out "shopping" for a sibling for me!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Manly Monday

Cars are very Manly. I know that because Dad is the only one to do things like check the batteries, get the oil changed, wash them, etc. I sometimes take a route past the driveway to the front of the house if I escape from the deck, and sometimes Mom will catch up with me about here. I don't stay long, though, because once those wheels get rolling, I know it could be dangerous for me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spooktacular Sunday

Gracie suggested in comments to my last post that I could spray paint that LLadro kitty to make it orange, but not to get any paint on myself. So I got to wondering what I would look like if I did. I messed around with the tint setting on iPhoto and this is what I came up with! I entered this photo in Hansel's contest because it looked pretty Halloweeny. And kinda skerrry too. I am glad I was able to "revert to original"!

My Dad got home late last night after being away from home for 10 days. That makes today spectacular too since I am hoping for more brushing, treats, decktime, you name it. Today is a beautiful day after several days of rain or high wind. When it is windy, Mom doesn't let me out at all, and of course when it is rainy I don't WANT to go out.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

PhotoHunt - Miniature

Dad gave Mom this sweet Lladro kitty for their last anniversary. She has quite a few pretty Lladro porcelain figurines. I think they should have made the furs ginger color when they did it, but Mom tells me that the colors of the figurines tend to be subdued hues of grays and blues and pastel flowers, not orange. Oh, well. Maybe they need to start a new line to be more representative of reality - black, calico, ginger, tabby striped........ I bet there would be quite a market for them.

Friday, October 15, 2010

"Fooey" Friday

Phooey, Mom. If you are going to stop me from escaping off the deck, then I am going to give you my backside and my backwards ears.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thpooky Thursday

My Mom and Dad would never get me into a Halloween costume of any sort - I even run away when I see Mom with a harness in her hand - but for those of you who can tolerate getting dressed up, Hansel is having a Halloween contest. You can click on the picture on my sidebar to go to her website and see the entries that are already there, and find out how to submit your own photo of yourself as a ghost, goblin, or anything else.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday 'Tocks - View One

Can you believe it, Mom is saying she is BUSY! So it's 2pm and my post is still not up. Not Acceptable Mom!

Being October, many kitties are posting shots of their 'tocks for each other. Mom says she will try to take a "full tock shot" but here is a partial side view. I have lots of floof (as you know) which makes pantaloons on my back legs.

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Nip on Monday

About a week ago, Dad gave me a sprig of catnip inside, and he put it on the stairs. I really got into it, rubbing against the edges of the steps (you can see where I rubbed off a tuft of my fur!) and acting very under the influence of it. Mom couldn't catch all the action in a photo, but here is a picture of me with my nip when I was still enough not to end up being too blurry. Excuse the slantyness of the picture - I could say it is because I was so heavy I tilted the stairs, but really, Mom didn't hold the camera straight, and she forgot to correct it before uploading the picture for me.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Confessions

I think I need to join Nipnics Anonymous. My catnip plant has been on the lower deck since Dad did the restaining, so I discovered it on what I thought was to be an escape yesterday. But I never got past the nip plant. In the cooler weather it has grown lush and wonderful.

I am in Love.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


When I looked at today's theme for PhotoHunt, I realized I should have posted yesterday's pictures today. So here are two more pictures of me out on the deck. You can see how the boards running diagonally made stripes, as well as the railing uprights. You can check out yesterday's pictures to really see the long diagonal board stripes. The sun shining through the railing makes stripes as well. And in this second picture I am obligingly showing you some of the stripes on my face and my arms. Mom loves the lines that go from the corners of my eyes.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally Friday

I was finally able to go out onto the deck late yesterday afternoon - the rain was over and the wet surface had dried. There was a nice breeze blowing and all sorts of great smells. The only negative was all the acorns falling from the oak trees. Mom and I were afraid we were going to get a concussion so we didn't stay very long. I hope these pictures give you an idea of how nice the new stain is. Ignore the messy leaves lying around - as fast as anybody blows them off the deck, new ones appear, along with the acorns. But Mom tells me this is only barely the beginning of leaves!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We have continued to have drizzly weather so new garden pictures are hard to come by. So I am thinking about thankfulness today. I am very thankful for my fuds and brushing and cuddles with Mom, and as the weather gets cooler, so thankful for my blankets on the sofa. There are two of them out now and my favorite is the large crocheted blanket that we affectionately refer to as "messy blankie" though in this picture it is tidier than the other one! Mom covers herself with the smaller one if she lies on the sofa watching tv, and I sleep at the end of the sofa on messy blankie.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Tuesday - Small Planes

Cheysuli's Find Chey Friday post where she was lost in Skagway Alaska caused Mom and me to go back through their Alaska trip pictures from June 2009. We thought you might like to see pictures of a couple of the small planes they flew in: there were four flights in small planes all together: the first one from Juneau to Gustavus near Glacier Bay (here is arriving in Gustavus):and the last one from Skagway to Juneau - this is the plane after landing in Juneau. It was actually the biggest plane they took: carrying six people rather than only four.

Mom says it was at both times exciting and exhilarating, and also petrifyingly scary. Especially the last flight in the rain (you can see the wet pavement at the airport).

Myself, I don't do planes, so though I had to stay home alone for 2 weeks, I preferred that rather than having to go on any airplane!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mancat Monday

Mom hasn't yet been able to get a picture of me on the newly stained deck, because yesterday was quite chilly, although sunny, and now today it is raining again. But she will do so as soon as possible.

I hope you like my new blog template and banner. Thanks so very very much to Sammy and Andy's mom Judi for making the suggestions about the template and for doing my banner for me. Since my Mom only knows how to do the basic blog things, I would not have a special banner if it were not for her generous help. Mom and I really like it. Thanks again, Judi!

Scroll down to the next post regarding the Livestrong Bracelet giveaway.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Easy on Sunday

Wow, wasn't Livestrong Day amazing?

This picture was taken before Dad stained the deck: he spent a lot of time cleaning up the remnants of our storm yesterday, since the deck was wet and full of leaves and acorns that came down in the storm. So today it should be perfect for spending time on.

Can it really be October already? I guess I will have to let Mom get some 'tocks pictures.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I am going yellow today for Livestrong. Thanks to Milo and Alfie, and Ann of Zoolatry for all their organizing. Our message is FOCUS, NEVER give up HOPE, Have a FIGHTING attitude, have COURAGE and know we ALL SUPPORT you. LIVESTRONG! We believe in the POWER of the PURR!

I am dedicating my post to the Memory of family and loved ones who have died of cancer, and in Honor of family and loved ones who are cancer survivors.

In memory of Mom's mother, and Dad's mother, Mom's grandfather, and Mom's sister. Also kitties Smudge and Kimi and Belle. Also Sniffie and Yuu-Chan, and Maxxdog, and all the others who have died from cancer.

In honor of my Dad, his brother, friends Rosmarie, Sue, David and Carl, coworkers Mark and Marc, and kitties who are surviving with cancer such as my friend Herman with FeLV. Also Vic, and Milo and Alfie's Mom and Dad.

If we have left anybody out who we should have included, it is not on purpose.

Mom bought five yellow Livestrong wristbands today, one for her, one for Dad, and three to give away. We will do a drawing from the names of all those who say in comments that they would like to be included: then we will get your addresses and post them to you.