Thursday, June 30, 2011

International Box Day

Can you believe that Mom does not have a single picture of me in a cardboard box? I feel slighted!

However I do like to get into box-shaped things. Both of the next two pictures were taken on the deck a few years ago (Mom knows that because they were with our "other" digital camera). Dad wanted to give me some real grass to chew on so he used a washed out litter box as a planter for me and grew me a small lawn. I used to climb in there to take naps sometimes!

Also, one time they brought a laundry basket with one of my blankies in it out onto the deck and I enjoyed lying in it too.

Yesterday, Mom got out a box and tried to entice us both into it by throwing toys into it.   You can see how well THAT worked!

FINALLY Mom got me to put my front feet in it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two on Tuesday

I, Simba, was there first, watching a dove, then Audrey came by and joined me.  Note the slightly flattened ears on us both.     Shortly after that the dove took off.     Either because I blamed her for the dove leaving, or because I first became aware that she was there, I gave her a good bop to the head and chased her off!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mancat Monday

I have a new understanding of the meaning of Mancat, now that we have a Girlcat in the house. I have to be sure to act very Manly all the time.

Audrey and I are getting along well. We are getting into a new routine about meals, and I am learning to do without the ability to graze on dry food whenever I want, or ask for wet food often. We are on a two-meal-per-day + 1 bedtime snack routine, and sometimes the humans give us a small snack of dry food when they leave the house for an errand or something else.

Yesterday we introduced Audrey to the deck and the Feline Funhouse for a short while. She acts a little funny with her harness on, and we didn't stay out for long because the sun was very hot, but I think she is going to enjoy it. Of course I have to be the example to her of how to do things, being the Mancat of the family.

Have a wonderful Monday, everycat!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Easy Sunday

I will permit Audrey to be the main feature of the blog for one more day. Mom caught this shot of her and Dad resting up after the wedding last Sunday. Dad was coma-like, with his mouth wide open catching flies, but to protect the innocent she framed the picture so as not to show that.

I wanted you to see that although Audrey loves her Mom, she is very friendly and loves my humans very much too.

We played some THoE on Saturday. It was fun.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photo Hunt- Cards

When my humans went to Alaska 2 years ago, Mom kept seeing attractive cards that she ended up buying. Here is an assortment of them. All are based on artwork such as silkscreens or paintings and most have animals in them. Several have Tufted Puffins. She really enjoyed the Tlinglit Indian designs on some of them.

The Snowy Owl watercolor painting to the right side has the following legend written on the back:

"One of the many Tlinglit legends tells how "Owl" overcame incredible odds to bring man fire. During the long journey, the fire and ashes scorched her beautiful white coat. Her long beak was burned to a short stub, the smoke ruined her voice. "Raven", in an effort to hurry her, pushed "Owl" into a pitch tree, flattening and disfiguring her face. To this day, "Owl's" descendants bear the scorched and speckled coat, the shrill voice, the stubby beak and need to sleep during the day so the light will not hurt their eyes".

Friday, June 24, 2011

Finally Friday by Audrey

Simba said I could take over the blog today to tell you a little about myself.

I have lived with my first Mom (Simba's human sister) for 10 whole years, and love her very much. We were very good companions for each other. However, it turns out that her brand new husband is allergic to cats, and also she was having a hard time with my bad night time habits of waking her up all the time. So my grandparents have become my new Mom and Dad. After the wedding, they brought me on a big plane in my carrier to my new home. I was quite a trooper on the trip. The only bad part was going through the security when I had to be taken out of the carrier, and was pretty frightened. Other than that I behaved perfectly. In the end I was in my carrier for about 6 hours!

I like my new home very much. There is lots to explore, and great bird tv and chipmunk tv at all the windows. I am very curious and have explored everything.
Simba and I got introduced to each other within a few hours and we are getting along pretty well. Simba is a bit less sure about things than me, but you can see from these pictures that things are going pretty well.

The only (very) difficult part is that our eating habit are so very different: Simba never overeats, no matter how much food is available, and likes to have his food out all day. I have to be given only the right amount, no matter how much I beg for more, because I am really a little piggie disguised as a kitty and I gobble down everything in sight very fast. The humans are trying to work out a system that will work for both of us. Also right now Simba seems rather nervous about eating and so is not eating very much. This has them a little worried.

My new Dad even packed my favorite bed to bring, as well as my favorite pink blanket. My bed is set up in the kitchen and the first few nights at least I am sleeping in the kitchen. The humans say they will play it by ear whether to let me come and sleep on the bed or not. For now, that is Simba's sanctuary for the night- time hours and I have been sleeping well in the kitchen with an extra litterbox in there for me to use.
You can see in this last picture how "at home" I feel after only 2 days!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

They're Married!

My human sister got married! No, I didn't get to go, not even a flat version of me. Mom is too lame. Apparently everything was wonderful.

I will be back soon.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogging Break

Mom is getting busier and busier these days, what with my hooman sister's wedding getting closer and everything. So we are going to take a little break from blog posts. Where possible we will still read your blogs and comment occasionally. I will be back when I am back.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Easy Sunday

We had a couple of really really hot days here this past week. I seem to have discovered that if I lie belly up in the MIDDLE of the family room floor, it is the coolest. Mom doesn't know why THERE is coolest, but I am very consistent. Perhaps the a/c air drops down (cold air falls, hot air rises) in such a way that it really is the best right there. Surprisingly I don't lie right under where the cool air vent is.

Happy cool-but-not- too- cold Sunday. Our weather has cooled off and become wet now.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo Hunt - Triangle

Mom couldn't find any new credible triangle pictures related to me (as we did this theme last year), so these are from their trip to Florida. The first is from the regatta they watched:

And this one is a telephoto shot from when Dad did a bit of kite flying. It makes the kite look a lot closer to those balconies than it really was.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Gardening Post

::3 Paw Taps::

As you can tell by the last photos I have posted, I am spending much more time on the deck in my Feline Funhouse, with the doorway open. Dad has planted the impatiens window boxes and today he was seeding some bare parts of the lawn. But we don't have good pictures to show you. Instead, we will show you what Mom WISHES would grow in our garden:

These lovely roses came to her from my human sister as a belated Mother's Day gift (because they were away on Mother's Day). She thinks they are such a beautiful color! The roses came from Proflowers and, true to their promise" have lasted a week already. We just do not have enough sun in any part of our garden to grow roses, so they are a very special treat.

Now I would like to take a moment to draw your attention to the picture of TK at the top of my sidebar. Dear TK has had diabetes since his human got him, but now his insulin is no longer doing the trick. They could sure use your purrs and prayers and a visit. TK and his sister Squashies have a nice blog, and have traveled all the way to Florida in their new camper van with their Mom. They are really cool kitties.

Update: Things are looking better for TK. Go to his bloggie to read about it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Meow Meow Me Me

I was tagged by both Beaded Tail and Princess Jasmine to do the Meow Meow Me me meme. Thanks, guys!

Here are the questions and answers:
1) Where do I like to hang out?
I could have lots of answers to this question, because I have many favorite spots: the wide window ledge in the basement, behind the dining room curtain, on the end of the sofa, or anywhere MOM is (I can be a pain to her at the laptop). But nowadays that the weather is so lovely here at home, Dad has set up my little table and towel inside my feline funhouse on the deck, and I hang out there whenever he has time to supervise me.

2) Who is my kitty crush?
I luvs so many of the ladies! I don't want to leave anyone out. Probably closest to my heart right now is Admiral Herstorb (alias Queen Miss Catt), since I was very worried about her not eating, and am so happy she is doing better these days and looking so silky.

3) What is my favorite scent?
I LOVE to smell the outside out my Dad's shoes, or anything he was carrying when he comes back home, such as a briefcase, or bags from the store. i sniff and sniff and sniff these things, and can tell all the places he has gone.

4) What is my favorite tv show?
I refuse to actually even glance at the human tv (where my Mom loves to watch Castle and The Mentalist, and Desperate Housewives), but the big window in the basement is my big screen tv to watch the chipmunk channel. I can see a lot of small animals but the chipmunks fascinate me the most.

5) What is my favorite movie?
I don't have an answer to this for myself, so I will say The Harry Potter movies for my Dad's favorites, and I think there may be a cat or two in those movies.

6) What is my favorite bit of feline wisdom?
Clean your food bowl and then meow pitifully an hour later with big eyes and convince them you are starving. (I try this without cleaning my food bowl and it doesn't work as well).

I need to tag three kitties to do this meme. I know quite a few have been doing it, so what if I tag all four of the handsome cats at Cat's Cats. I hope they have time to do it. Their humans just got married in Hawaii so now they are an official family, and the cats went along as flat cats! Go and check it out here. Their Mom and Dad looked so beautiful/handsome.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


This week's Photo Hunt theme is "Dirty." Let me show you a photo of Dad's work to replant some Impatiens plants in a round hanging pot:

Such dirt spillage! Hmmmphhh!

Actually, there is a longer story to the repotting. Overnight, 3 things happened on the deck, which may or may not be related.
1) Some plastic containers with baby spider plants in them (in water) were overturned
2) One of these 2 pots of impateins was knocked down from the deck railing to the ground below, mashing 3 of the new plants
3) a large bird pooped a huge poop on the deck (suspect: roosting turkey). No photo was taken before dad hosed the mess down, but believe me, it was LARGE AND DIRTY!

And to add to the dirty theme, at supper time the night before (while my humans were eating) I came into the kitchen dragging my butt on the floor. Cue the TOBY!!!! advertisement for Stanley Steamer. SO appetizing during dinner. That dirty bottom took quite some cleanup. My dignity was protected by no photography, but here is a picture of the clean product.

And while I am baring/airing all my dirty laundry, here's a picture of my dinner bowl and the mess on the floor around it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Photo Hunt

I am postponing my Saturday Photo Hunt until tomorrow, due to the sad news we just got that sweet little Asia has gone. See my post below.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Asia Has Gone

Update: Saturday - Sweet Asia has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Run and fly free and healthy, little Itty Bitty. We grew to love you so.

Posted on Thursday: Sweet little Asia has been sick for a while with something wrong in her insides, and now also a respiratory sickness. This beautiful Bengal girl is an "Itty Bitty" two year old. She has been at the emergency vet's and the regular vet's, home overnight one night, and has had exploratory surgery too. Please purr very hard for her to get better and for her Mom not to be too stressed. You can see her and her siblings on their blog Her Mom has posted a sweet short video of her for us to visualize her being better.