Sunday, June 5, 2011


This week's Photo Hunt theme is "Dirty." Let me show you a photo of Dad's work to replant some Impatiens plants in a round hanging pot:

Such dirt spillage! Hmmmphhh!

Actually, there is a longer story to the repotting. Overnight, 3 things happened on the deck, which may or may not be related.
1) Some plastic containers with baby spider plants in them (in water) were overturned
2) One of these 2 pots of impateins was knocked down from the deck railing to the ground below, mashing 3 of the new plants
3) a large bird pooped a huge poop on the deck (suspect: roosting turkey). No photo was taken before dad hosed the mess down, but believe me, it was LARGE AND DIRTY!

And to add to the dirty theme, at supper time the night before (while my humans were eating) I came into the kitchen dragging my butt on the floor. Cue the TOBY!!!! advertisement for Stanley Steamer. SO appetizing during dinner. That dirty bottom took quite some cleanup. My dignity was protected by no photography, but here is a picture of the clean product.

And while I am baring/airing all my dirty laundry, here's a picture of my dinner bowl and the mess on the floor around it.


  1. Simba, that is a whole lotta dirty! At least we had a nice, clean, fluffy posterior to look at!

  2. This is Big Event of Dirty Crisis, Simba !
    No doubt ! your human can't take it easy today but you can ..heh..heh..We cats always can : )

  3. My posterior looks pretty good except for a few knots in the feathers. My pantaloons get knotted up when I won't let mommy brush them!

    You look handsome. Has mommy checked your..::ahem::, your *whispers* anal glands? They may be stopped up and impacted. (v-e-t has to express mine every so often)

  4. Sure is a lot of dirty going on in your house, Simba! We woulda liked to see that roosting turkey...but not his poop!!

  5. I think a little dirt is a good thing! Enjoy your Easy Sunday!!!

  6. MEOWZA!!!!!!!!! That's a lotta dirty!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Sunday sweet friend.

  7. Simba - come over to ours for your noms - we both decorate the floor too so mum won't notice a bit more mess!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Boy Simba, that's a lot of dirty going on! Too bad you didn't see the big bird who messed up the flowers and pooped on your deck! We bet you did a good impression of Toby but we're glad your floofy patootie is all cleaned up now!

  9. You are so right - that was dirty.

  10. Did you get to smell the alleged turkey doody? We hope so!

  11. That is a lot of dirty! Funny stories though :)

  12. I've done my share of occasional scooting -- a boy needs to wipe himself now and then. I find it's most effective on rugs.

    Dirty around your bowl of fudz? As if! That's just NORMAL. If they want no crumbs, they should handfeed us from a silver teaspoon out of a crystal goblet.

    Hmm. I wonder who would POSSIBLY have knocked over those spider plants or spilled some dirt? Hmm. Musta been that turkey. Yep. Sounds about right.