Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thank you

There is no way that we can sufficiently convey how thankful we are for all the loving and comforting comments.    May you and your furbabies all be very blessed in return.

We have these two lovely pictures to add to the blog, the first one created by Ingrid Pipo and Dalton, and the second one is by   Alasandra The Cats and Dogs    - she posted it on the Tabby Cat website for all the tabbycats there to see.    Thank you's to them both.   Mom has no photo editing talents other than cropping, so these, and Ann's one, are real treasures.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Simba is on His Way

Simba's Mom and Dad here.    Simba is on his way, no longer bound by Earthly pains and sickness.   He was our very sweet boy.    We are very sad but we will be okay.

Thank you to everyone who commented on his last post.   The comments were a great source of strength for us.     I, Mom, tried to write a reply to each comment, and I  send my love back to you.

Hopefully in the future I can keep Simba's memory alive by visiting your blogs and seeing your sweet pets.

Ann of Zoolatry made this beautiful picture for us.    Thank you so so much, Ann.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Update and Memories

Dear Friends,

It seems I have had a habit of posting on the 3rd of a month!    Though not very frequently, lately.  I am pretty sure this will be my last ever post.    I am 16 1/2 now and my health has been declining.   I have had hypothyroidism for quite a while now, and though that has been under good control, some other things have been happening.    I have had a few seizures, and now my legs, especially my back legs, don't want to listen very well to the signals they are getting from my brain.    Wanna keep this light, so I will tell you that I look pretty funny when I walk.   I still purr and give Mom a few whisker tickles, but on the whole my life has become pretty limited.  I eat quite well but I have still lost a lot of weight.   (Mom has always used the nickname "Bony" for me, even when I was NOT bony, but now the nickname suits me well. )  My litter box and food and water dishes have been moved into the family room so I don't have to go far.    I only go out on the deck if Mom carries me.

A recent picture of me:Yes I can still occasionally do crossed pawsies!

And a closeup of my toe tufties!   Mom will miss those tufties.  

It has been a GOOD life.    I couldn't have asked for parents to love me any more than mine have.    I have had many long and wonderful years enjoying my deck, watching chippies and birdies down below, feeling the breezes, listening to chirps and faraway woofies barking.   I have even been buzzed by a hummingbird!In my early years I even got quite frequent chances to go in the real grass and bushes, and sniff all the smells down there.   Rusty was my first pal here, and then after he flew away, I was on my own for a while until Audrey came to live with us.    Now since Audrey had to fly away too, I have been king of the whole house, MY house, with MY servants.    Dad is not going to have much to do anymore, without his trips to Petsmart to get only my favorites, and his twice daily attention to the litterbox.

So we would all appreciate some purrs as Mom and Dad make the decision to help me to the Rainbow Bridge where I can run and play with all my old pals there, and the kitties from this family who have gone before me.   It will probably be in a few days' time.    Like a good son, I will await my parents' eventual arrival and then we will cross the bridge, all together.

Sending you all my best nosekissies and gentle paw pats!