Thursday, June 27, 2013

Saturday Photo Hunt : Citrus

We hunted for the most "orange" photo we have of me and we think this is it.  

In the evening light, my coat becomes darker and brighter.   More orange.  
Oops, I just realized we posted this a day early, but will leave it now.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Going Pink in Memory of Skeezix

Along with many others in the pet blogosphere, we are turning our blog pink today in memory of Skeezix, who recently ran off to the Rainbow Bridge.  

(we hope it is ok thay we borrowed this badge from Cheysuli's blog).

Before I started my blog, I used to read other cat blogs and in September of 2009, I twice successfully "found" Cheysuli when she was lost on Fridays.     A few cats encouraged me to start my own blog and among them was Skeezix:  

"Skeezix the Cat says:
I have two qweschuns: Why duzn’t Simba have a blog? and How does Simba git his tale to be so floofy?"

We have always been in awe of Skeezix, almost like he was too unique to believe.   I mean he did all sorts of things happily that I would never have the patience to do.   He dressed up and posed for pictures in his outfits, he took rides in his stroller, he took walks on a harness and leash, and he traveled all over the werld as his flat self.    He had the most awesome frootbat ears, and a super relationship with his humans, Mr TastyFace and the Food Lady.     He introduced us to Vishus Deer and how to be suspicious of even the most innocent of those deers we see.  

But I think we will most hold in our hearts the brave way he faced his last days on earth, and his final blog posts.     No sad parts, just his wonderful sense of humor shining through when he talked about his tumor and showed us the zipper the vet installed in his tummy.   And his final post that greeted many old cat friends at the Rainbow Bridge as he arrived there and reviewed his grate life.     We know his humans' hearts were heavy, but instead of talking about that, they gave us one last dose of Skeezix's fabulous purrsonality.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Cat World Domination Day

Of course, cats dominate the world ALL the time.   But as Sparkle the Cat says, mothers are mothers every day of the year and we have a day set aside to celebrate them.  So today is the day to celebrate the fact that Cats Dominate the World.     However, if you wish to undertake any extra domination of the world activities today (see for example Spitty and Katie Isabella's blogs) more power to you!

Sparkle is having a great party, also to celebrate her birthday.    

We are already sleeping off the cake, and Dominating the Couch:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Technical Help

Hi, kitties.      Sorry for the scant posting - we do have a sort of excuse because Mom is visiting The Baby and her parents and has been busy with stuff other than US!   Alarming, isn't it?

Anyhoo, in sharing some photos from Audrey's first Mom's camera, she came across this sequence of three pictures that were taken when they visited us in early May.  

We would love to be able to use these three shots to make one of those action GIFs but we have no clue how to.    Any assistance would be appreciated.     We have only Mac computers.  Maybe the middle picture could be used twice, so the GIF would contain 4 pictures in all?

Thanks to our very first commenter, Furries of Whispy, we worked out how to do it.  Thanks!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Dad's Day!

Wishing everybody a very happy Father's Day.     Many are Dads, or cat Dads, but for those who are not, we all have a Dad, and so today we can celebrate the love of all Dads for those they care or cared for.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Different Nap Preferences

We were going through pictures and came across this one we never posted, of Audrey who got into her kitchen bed when it was up on a chair (the Human had been washing the floor).      No need to wait till it was back on the floor before piling in!   Notice the ever present pink Princess blanket.   (Audrey's first Mom got this bed from a friend who used it for her d-o-g, but Audrey doesn't care. )   It has always been a "kitchen bed", even at her first Mom's place.

Now that the weather is warm, Simba is sleeping on the floor most of the time, often in this place near the wall unit.    This is a slightly different pose from the last one we posted, but the pictures all look almost the same.

Simba has only ever liked one cat bed, the very small black one he hardly fits into, that was Audrey's.   But it is a bit too snuggly now.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Science Lesson with Audrey

Mom has a Galileo Thermometer.   For those not familiar with them, there are a number of glass globes - "bubbles" - in the tube of fluid that have slightly different buoyancies.   Each is labeled with a temperature (4 degrees F apart) and to tell the temperature you look for the globe that just floats within the liquid.    Globes corresponding to lower temperatures sink and globes corresponding to higher temperatures float at the top.

On June 1st, Mom looked at the thermometer and all the globes were sitting at the bottom.    Audrey demonstrates:

The "hottest" globe is labeled 80 degrees, so it was over 80 degrees Fahrenheit inside our house.   And that was WITH the air conditioning running.  The weather was hot and muggy outside.  

Today, the thermometer looks like this (without any air conditioning on):

That orange globe is labeled 72, so it is about 72.  In fact, the orange globe was tending to sink more, so it is probably 73-74.  

According to what we looked up, the fluid in the tube is not water, but something like ethanol (alcohol)  whose density changes more with temperature than water's does.      

Mom was surprised because, although she has had the thermometer for a while, she had not realized it cannot "measure" above 80 degrees F.   She hasn't paid a lot of attention to what temperature it was telling us.  She just liked to look at it!   

We bet Punapippuri's and Tonks Tails' humans can tell us a lot about things like this!!    They are Physics experts.   

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Photo Hunt - Grin

Kitties, the Mom spent a long time going through all our pictures to see if one could qualify as a grin, but no luck.   Then she went through picutres of The Baby, and even though she has a sweet smile, she wasn't sure if most of the smiles rose to the level of a grin.     But she thinks this one from Christmas does:

And for a different reason, maybe this one from last July 4th does too.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Audrey's Thyroid Check

Audrey reporting:

So here I was, after being pushed into my carrier, before leaving home.  I had a bad opinion about it as you can see.  However, I did not cry at all in the car.

We had a little wait at the Vet's office till my turn came.  I was pretty calm, though I let out some meows every now and then.  A very nice Vet Technician came out to get me.

When she brought me back, she said "What a sweetie!.   She wanted to cuddle with me!"

I forget bad stuff pretty fast, because this is me later in the day, having forgotten the whole thing.

Dr Wilson called yesterday with my results and both my T4 and my kidney function results were in the normal range.     I shouldn't have to go back for 6 months.   Hooray!   Mom did ask him if the fact that I was gaining weight quite fast was an indication they should cut back my medicine some, but he said no.  He said kitties with hyperthyroidism are literally starving and it takes a while for them to get over the feeling they need to eat all the time (Ha!  He doesn't know me - I was ALWAYS like that.)  But we can go back to the office and have free weighings every month if my parents wish.    On Monday I was 10.6 lbs.    

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hug Your Cat Day

It is hug your cat day, today!    A day for loving on your kitties.  (shouldn't ALL days be that?)

Purrsonally, I do not like to be hugged much, but I do like a bunch of other things, like treats, and going on the deck, and sitting in front of the computer.  (Audrey can go for the hugging stuff more than me).    So I hope my humans take some extra trouble to show their love for us today.   Also I love the cool air from the air conditioner helping to keep my  tummy cool:  this picture shows how I do that.   So I hope Dad keeps the a/c cranked up today for me!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Easy on Sunday

Dad's home, the camera is home, and these pictures truly were taken a minute ago by Mom (no more old photos being passed off as new ones).

"Postprandial naps":

Audrey isn't quite that rotund, but almost!    She has gained back all the weight she lost with her hyperthyroidism.    She goes back to the vet this week for a follow up of her T4 levels.