Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Wishing all a very Happy Easter and those in the Northern Hemisphere a very Happy Spring.   Though it is coolish here today, there are some hints of Spring outside, so we know it is trying really hard to arrive.   Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for the lovely graphic because I am so not artistic!

This is the most recent picture of me - I was lying next to the big glass doors, glancing sideways from time to time to check out the little birds and squirrels and such.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Special Friends

Hi everybuddy.       I know i have not blogged in more than a month.     Well, part of the problem was that the humans went off to visit BOTH grandchildren in two different cities!     Fortunately I was left in the care of my girlfriend Julie, who takes very good care of me.   Although I sure have been sticky like velcro to Mom since they got back.

Now when they were on their travels they had the pleasure and honor of meeting up with Katie Isabella's Mommy for lunch and then got to go back to her lovely home and meet Katie herself!     If I were not so fond of Katie I would be jealous, but look at this gorgeous girl and her sleek, black, shiny fur!   And that adorbs half moustache.  

Now considering the historical opportunity that my Mom had to photograph Katie, I cannot believe she chopped off her lovely tail.      So here is the NEXT picture she took:

Incredible fail!     Face chopped off, tail chopped off!!  

Now her final try: not really in focus.    But at least the whole kitty is there.    Look at that fabulous tuxie bib!

Mom whispered to me that she just wanted to scoop up Katie and bring her home.      And then when they were visiting my human sister's family, she also wanted to scoop up their Lucy and bring HER home!   Fortunately for me, no cats came home with them this time.     Though I would love some VISITS from those two ladycats.    Fire up those tunnels and Esses!

Happy weekend to all.