Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Coming Out of Hibernation

Gosh, it has been cold, and even a bit snowy, here.    Dad offered to let me on the deck this morning and when I saw the snow I backed way up!

I have been napping a lot in my cozy blankies.    Like this (my hibernation pose):

And Mom found me two new treats:   one is Fortiflora, that was recommended by Katie Isabella and her Mommy (supposed to help my digestion, but I like it 'cause it tastes DEEELICIOUS! )  The other new treat is a whole CANISTER full of Temptations Mixups, that are Catnip Fever flavor.     I also highly recommend them.    So I do wake up from my hiberation naps to get some fuds.

I also wake up to sit with Mom at the computer:

Notice that she had to move the wireless keyboard out of my way so I could get comfy.    She does spoil me that way!

Our Christmas tree is up, Mom has finished the (online) shopping and the Christmas cards, and I am hoping she remembers to blog for me more often.   She does go around and read some of my friends' blogs for me, and sometimes lets me comment, but I would like her to step that up too.

I don't have any festive header or eCard to put out for you all, but our wishes are there just the same:  may you all have a wonderful Christmas or Chanukkah, and I hope you get lots of yummy treats, and maybe a little roast beast!