Friday, September 28, 2012

Can You Tell Why Mom Likes this Picture?

(If you biggify you may just be able to read all the writing).

We will return to our regular programming next week.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tummy Thursday

Mom saw Audrey lying like this today and just had to snap a picture.    Sometimes she is such a funny bunny.

Thanks for the caption ideas for yesterday's picture.      Some great ones.     The silly thing is that we have great nip plants but both of us are kind of blase about nip.       We'll get excited for a couple of minutes and then just ignore it, or a toy with it in it.  Even our new Silvervine Fishie didn't hold out interest for long.    

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Easy on Sunday

Audrey has always been good at taking it easy, especially on Sundays.     So long as her tummy is full, she is good for a thorough Easy.  This photo was taken with her first Mom, before she came to live with us, and her favorite Easy involves sharing it with a human in a side snuggle.    Mom says this is two of her girls snuggling together.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photo Hunt - Escape

Yes, kitties, in the past I HAVE managed to ESCAPE from the deck and go out into the yard.     Less so lately because Dad watches us both more carefully on the deck because he does not know if Audrey would know how to come back if she were to escape.       But here is a picture  of me after I escaped one time, just enjoying the leaves and grass.   it was So much fun!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Spreading the Wealth

We cats here believe in a little redisrtibution of wealth, Mom's wealth, that is.       Recently we learned that our friend Katie had won Zee and Zoey's Campaign for a Cause and been named Cat Ruler of the World.  

Kaite and Glorgirly, and campaign manager Cathy Keisha and intern Waffles really ran a fabulous campaign.      It was not a surprise that Katie won and the major beneficiary is Blind Cat Sanctuary.     We are very pleased about all the food and other benefits that will go the way of the kitties there.  But we were also sad that all the shelters nominated by all the candidates were not able to win as well, though they did get lesser second prizes.    So yesterday we sneaked Mom's plastic card out of her purse and went online and made donations to the causes of three of our friends who were also candidates for Cat Ruler of the World:

Sparkle - Tabby's Place
Chey - Purrfect Pals
Brian - Kitten Action Team

We are sure the shelters that Austin and Odin were campaigning for are very worthy as well.   We liked the idea of donating to some local shelters rather than a big national organization this year.  

In case anybody else would like to do something similar, the links for all the shelters can be found on Zee and Zoey's blog in this post.     Or just to learn more about all the shelters and the good work they do.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fursday Thursday

Getting ready to blast off to go to Katie Isabella's for her house trashing pawty as soon as her Mom's car leaves the driveway.      Anybody want to be picked up on the way?         I am considering letting Audrey come too, but she has been being a bit of a pain lately, so maybe not.   Hear that, Audrey?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meow Like a Pirate Day

Avast me hearties, it be Meow Like a Pirate Day!      We don't be havin' any clever pictures in our Pirate Garb, but we be wishin' you all a Great Day!   No swabbin' of the decks, no walkin' of the planks, just the best day ever!

Today is a very sad day for Ann, Maggie and Zoey of Zoolatry.  Their Poppy Vic passed away yesterday after a long brave battle with cancer.   Today we are purring our condolences to them, Ann and Vic's children and grandchildren.  Thank you to Gracie's Mom for the graphic below.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Urgent Request for Squashies

Since we aren't on Facebook and we don't know our blood types, and we are not Asian kitties, we are reposting Squashies' Mom's urgent request here:  Please spread the word.   You can read more about her illness on their blog here.    If you are an Asian Breed cat and have type B blood, you could save a kitty's life!

Urgent Request!

If your cat has been blood typed, and is Type B (Rare but prevalent in Asian breeds,) we need your help.  Squashies is in desperate need of a transfusion. We can't find a Type B donor.

We will pay all expenses to bring the cat and you here to Baltimore.  With a very generous bonus for your time and discomfort. Call Dee @ number on TK and Squashies blog.

Our little girl is running out of options.
Thank you!

Mom got the following table from this website:

Note which types of cats might be the best candidates.

Update:    7:30 pm - they have found two donors!  You can read about it on their blog.   

Easy Sunday

Truth be told, often the pictures we post were taken some time beforehand.  But today Mom got these Easy shots of us on the very day they were happening!!

Audrey shows everybuddy how it is done well in the dining room:

Simba took up his favorite napping spot on the window ledge in the basement.    However Mom couldn't quite sneak up on him for the photo without him lifting his head:

Take it easy today, all of you.    

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Photo Hunt Hairy

Today's PhotoHunt theme was made for cats!      Especially my floofiness which is shown in a closeup round my face here:

Audrey is less hairy, so I get the Photo today.  Besides, she got yesterday all to her self!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Femalecat Friday

The Mancats get their Mondays, so we Femalecats should get Fridays!    

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


In remembering 9/11/01, Mom is posting several pictures taken at the World Trade Center Memorial In New York City,  taken in early March of this year.    

The surround to the pools bears the names of all who perished.

And this is what  the new "One World Trade Center (the Freedom Tower)" looked like back in March.  

Never Forget.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mancat Monday

On the late side getting to this, folks.     Dad is away and took the camera with him, leaving me and Mom to have to look through existing pictures for a Mancat one.  

We had weird weather this weekend like many others - windy weather and rain on Saturday which brought down some branches and cut our power off for a while.     Then gorgeous weather, and then overnight, WT*, more rain.    

I am snoopervising the herbs in the background.      There is mint, rosemary, thyme and basil there.   Mom is trying to work out when to cut and freeze them so as to save for over the winter.  Honestly, we don't care.  Sounds harsh, but so long as she saves us some Nip, that is all we care about from the deck plants.  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mo Cats Day on Easy Sunday

When "somebody" suggested a day with NO cats on the innernets 3 years ago, Derby said instead it should be MO cats day!    Now an annual event, we are happy to participate.    

Ann of Zoolatory made this great graphic for us all to use before heading off to hopsital for antibiotic treatment for a bad infection   We are praying hard for her recovery and for her husband Vic.

Here are a couple of pictures of us making sure to take it really Easy this Sunday.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

This is for Spitty

In comments on our previous post with pictures from our humans' trip to Hawaii, Spitty the Kitty said " Those are beautiful pictures but they'd be even better with a kitty in them".

The humans saw cats in Hawaii on two occasions:    the last two nights, they stayed in a very nice bed and breakfast place called the Kilauea Lodge.       The resident tabby kitty there was Meatloaf.      Meatloaf had free reign of the grounds and could be seen hanging out or napping amongst the Hawaiian flowers in the flowerbeds.  Not a bad life!

Earlier during their trip, they paid a visit to "A" Bay - short for Anaehoomalu Bay .   This is close to several resorts such as the Marriott and Hilton.    There is a colony of feral cats living there who seem to lead a comparably good life because they are fed by volunteers on a regular basis.   The weather is good all year round and there are minimal predators for feral cats there.    This of course can lead to rapid increases in numbers of cats so TNR programs must be important there.    Mom doesn't know details about TNR programs on the Big Island but she wants to learn more.

Here are some pictures of some of the cats the humans saw near A Bay.   Oh and they also saw a turtle in the surf there, and what looked like a weasel or ferret sharing the cats' food!

Can you see the weasel or ferret at the food bowl?   What do you think it is?    (Thank you Cat for telling us it is a mongoose).

Mom and Dad saw one of the volunteers leaving in her car after she had come to feed them.    That is probably why they saw so many, because the were gathered in the area where the feeding took place.

Oh, and Cathy Keisha:  I think my humans ate ALL the tunas there!  They ate fish every night but the last one.    They would buy ahi tuna steaks or mahi mahi at the harbor fish store and cook it at their condo.   They also ate fish when they went to a restaurant.     AND THEY DIDN'T BRING US ANY BACK!    They brought coffee and macadamia nuts back.  Can you imagine?

There are wild chicken in Hawaii, and they did see a few - had seen many more in Kauai.     The wild goose is the national bird in Hawaii, and is endangered.   They are called Nene.    There are road signs warning of Nene Crossing all over the place.   But they never did see an actual Nene, just the signs.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday haWaii Pictures

We are letting the Mom take over the blog today to post some pictures from their trip to Hawaii.  They spent 8 days on the Big Island of Hawaii and enjoyed an amazing variety of sights and experiences.  

1.  Mauna Kea beach.    They did NOT stay at this hotel, which is way above their price range, but were able to go to the beach because in Hawaii, there has to be public access to all the beaches.  The hotel had a limited number of about 20 parking spaces for "outsiders" to park so by going early they were able to get the last one.   There are very few nice white sand beaches on this island and this is one of the nicest.

2.   The North end of the beach where they went snorkeling

3.    Mauna Kea mountain/volcano (not active now).  This is the tallest mountain in the world if you measure from the sea floor, taller than Everest.      They did not go to the very top, over 14,000 feet above sea level where several observatories are, but they went to the visitor center at 9000 feet, and then hiked to the top of a hill that looked out at the view and back at the visitor center, which is the third building back shown below.

4.    Sunset view from the condo they stayed at.  It looked like some sort of variation on this every single night.  Such monotony!

5.   There is a green sea turtle poking its head up in the middle of this picture at a black sand beach.     It looks like a dot just behind the wave, slightly to the left of the center.    They watched several turtles in the surf for quite a while.

6.    The Kilauea crater.       There is molten lava inside there but it is not escaping from the crater now.  There IS lava flowing down the side of Kilauea from a rift, down to the ocean.

7.  At night you can see the red from the molten lava reflected by the steam cloud.   This is zoomed in a bit compared to the previous picture.

8.  They hiked from the visitor center down to the caldera of Kilauea, through lush vegetation like this:

9.  This is how it looked at the bottom

10.    It rained the last day, but they still got out there with rain gear (= an umbrella).     The flowers looked especially interesting in the rain.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Catnip Quilt

During the Auction to help out with Ms. Stella's "Footie Fix" we won a Catnip Quilt made by her super Mom, Stacy.       While the humans were in Hawaii, they had their and our mail held at the post office, so on Friday morning Dad collected it all, and there was a package addressed to US, with our new quilt in it!

Mom laid it down on the carpet to get some pictures:  here is the front

and a closeup to show our embroidered names in the middle!

Then Mom tried flipping it over to photograph the back and Audrey decided to have some fun with it:

As you can tell, she really likes it!   (Excuse Mom's silly foot in the pictures!)  

Once Mom managed to wrassel it back away from her, she got a picture of the back:  

Simba likes it too, but he lies on it much more calmly.  

Thanks so much, Mom Stacy.    If any of you want a quilt of your own, Stacy will custom make one for you according to your choice of fabric.    There is a link on  Ms. Stella's blog.