Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Since the humans had all the tree trimming done during the spring, the deck gets quite a lot more sun, which is both good and bad.    The impatiens plants in the window boxes have had a harder time this year, because they really thrive in a more shady environment.      But here you can see us wanting to come in for our lunch, and the sun on our furs.

The beauty of the internets is that Mom can PRETEND for us that it is sunny today, but actually she checked the weather forecast and we are expecting some thunderstorms.   Where she is, the weather has been so beastly hot nobody has spent any time outside, which is sad not to be able to take the baby for nice walkies.  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Guess it Has to Do with the Olympics

Guys, look at THIS!    It comes straight from the UK.     Now Mom says the correct spelling is Monetary, but we aren't going to let that put us off.  We are RICH!    You can click to biggify but don't click on the blue link!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Toesies

The kitties who belong to the Tabby Cat Club are posting about their Toesies the Tuesday.      We invite you to go over there and check out all the cute and delicious toes!   Here is our post:

Though these pictures are from last year, we think they show our toesies quite well.     Audrey has quite classic toesies, velvety soft and champagne in color.   Here she was on the kitchen counter, waiting for her dinner to be served up.

Simba's toes are rather comical - he was declawed by his first owner, so he has short little toes, with so much floof  that he has great toe hawks.    Mom captured this picture one day when he decided to do a crossed-pawsies position:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nip Naner Love

I don't play with toys a lot, but I do appreciate a good Nip Naner.     Lately I have been sleeping a lot in the heat, and Mom usually finds me behind the big chair in the family room, right next to my Nip Naner.  No picture of that, but here are a couple where you can see that combining the Nip Naner with the Ess makes for even more enjoyment!

What is YOUR favorite toy, kitties?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Furless Kitten

Mom is visiting her granddaughter again for a little while.     After 4 weeks away, she was amazed by how much she had grown and developed.    Having been so small when she was born, she is just 8 1/2 lbs now, and many babies are that big when they are born.    But for her she has gained so much, and looks comparatively "chunky" now.   She is 11 weeks old already!  

We gave Mom our permission to post some pictures of her here for you to see:  check out that leg chunk!

Mom can tell she has gotten taller because her head now reaches up to the ears of her "Snuggabunny" seat:   she looks like a little bunny rabbit herself here!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Audrey and the Tiles

With all the hot weather this summer, Audrey has been finding out that tiled floors and tiled tables are cooler places to sleep.   She is seldom seen in her beds lately.   And also the benefits of the belly up position!

Stay cool if you are in the Northern Hemisphere.    To our Southern Hemisphere friends and relatives, we wish we could send you a little of the warmth, as we sure don't need it all!   And maybe those of you in England would like to chase the rain away to the USA!     We hope the Olympics are not going to be rainy.    And with drought conditions in the US, let's spread it around!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We're still Swaggering

Sorry for the paucity of posting.       Mom just hasn't had much of any good new pictures of us, or interesting stores to tell about us.    We are looking forward to seeing all our friends' Olympics entries!    We didn't enter anything this time, but that does not mean we are not enthusiastic about all the events!    

Here are a couple of short videos to show we still have some swagger left in us.     

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Her Slimness

Kitties. I am thinking of starting a "weight loss for kitties" spa here.     I don't eat much myself (Simba) as I am picky, and I am quite thin under all my floof.    Mom can feel my vertebrae easily.      But Lady Audrey was a bit ::ahem:: tubby when she came to live here a year ago.   She eats like a horse (no offense to the Poupounette Percherons) - breakfast of wet food about 7 am, some dry kibble at 12:30 dispensed from her automatic feeder, wet food at 5 pm for dinner, more dry from the feeder at 9:45 pm and 5 am to keep her from waking the humans too early.     You would think she would be HUGE!     But she has slimmed down quite a bit this year, probably because she gets lots of exercise going up and down stairs, pouncing on birdies on the deck, and pacing back and forth to the kitchen to let the humans know her next mealtime is near.    Here's the proof!

Compare the above picture to this one from 1 year ago:

Maybe it is because she no longer does THIS:

(Just by the way, I think Mom was pretty mean picking that second picture!  She really was not THAT tubby!).

Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank You

Thank you so much to all who left kind comments about Terrence and Persimmon and their humans.      The supportiveness and kindheartedness of other cat lovers at times of loss certainly makes the loss of a special pet a little easier.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Farewell to Terrence

We have some Big Sads today, kitties.   Last night my human brother called to say they had  to help their kitty Terrence to the Rainbow Bridge.     Terrence was 10 years old and about 4 years ago he had a terrible time with a complete urinary blockage which had him in hospital for about 2 weeks, including radical surgery on his manly parts.      He has had several lesser episodes since, but yesterday had developed another complete blockage.   He was in terrible pain and they did not want him to have to go through any more pain hospitalization and surgeries with uncertain outcome.     It was a sad day for them.

Run free and healthy, Terrence.    One day we will meet you at the Bridge.  

Terrence has a sister who was his littermate, Persimmon, who will also miss him a lot we are sure.    They could often be found cuddling or close together as seen in these two pictures.    Terrence is the one sitting, with Sim in the box:

Here Terrence is on the left and Sim on the right.  

Here he enjoyed relaxing on the dining table (just like a cat!)

We will miss you, sweet cousin.   Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Back Door

We really like spending time on the deck.      Some parts of the day it is too sunny and hot out there, but other times there is enough shade that we can enjoy it.   Dad always has to supervise us, so he isn't getting much else done these days!

But the food is inside so we also ask frequently to be able to go back inside, especially if a mealtime is near.     So often one of us finds him or herself on the wrong side of the door!

And which side is the wrong side you ask?      When the door was opened, Audrey went in and Simba went out.