Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy January

I wonder if I should even show my face, after such an extended absence.        Well, the truth is, the humans were away visiting my human sister and her family for 9 days.     They said it was really fun being with the little granddaughter over Christmas.      But that meant I had to spend Christmas ALL BY MYSELF!  Thank Cod for my friend Julie, who came twice a day to give me fuds and pet me and stuff.     I do feel Mom could have blogged for me a bit sooner in January!!

It has been an odd winter so far, right?     First it was ridiculously warm for winter.     Now it has gotten pretty raw and cold.    We have had two MINUTE dustings of snow, but nothing to be able to measure.        Dad says maybe he won't ever use the snowblower this winter (that has happened before, even the very first winter after he bought it!)   Now this may be all global warming and such, but my humans remember having a ski trip to Vermont scheduled in February 1973 that they canceled because it was just raining in Vermont that winter!   (Yes, they ARE that old).

I have gone out quickly on the deck a little, but mostly I enjoy sleeping on the couch.    The main differences are which blankie I choose (they are all there), or which direction I face in!   I do like to mix it up a little!