Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the Eve of the Eve

We got snow yesterday and last night, kitties.      Dad has just gone outside to try to move it around with his blower masheen.     Hopefully it is not too icy for that, which would then require shovel labor instead.    

As we get close to switching over to a new year, here are some of the last pictures taken of us by The Baby's Mama while she was here.  

I guess the next pictures from here will be 2013 pictures!

In case we don't get back to the blog in time, we want to wish all a Happy New Year!    Tell the humans to celebrate sensibly and stay safe.    Maybe even just stay home with you and snuggle.

Updated:   We just noticed this is our 800th post!!  ( Now Mom is doing the Math:  if each post only took 10 minutes, that is 133 hours spent writing blog posts!   And that doesn't count READING other blogs!    And we have really gotten much slacker with posting lately.   Yikes!  ) 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Day After the Day After

Srsly, Mom needs to shape up.     Our blog is languishing while she attends to "life".   She had a work deadline of 9 am this morning.  What kind of job has a deadline like that?

The Baby and her parents left on Christmas Day to go home, dodging various snowstorms at both ends.   We had snow yesterday and then rain on top of it overnight.  Yucky.  Good we don't have to go outside.   Now we hear from the humans that more snow is coming on Saturday.     Audrey is getting a little bored by it all:

I do have considerably more patience than her:

Audrey thinks maybe Mom will give her some treats to keep her occupied:

Don't count on it, girlfriend.   She is immune to the "cute face".

Acknowledgements and thanks to the Baby's Mama for the "portrait" pictures using her nifty Canon lens.     

Monday, December 24, 2012

Peace on Earth

We wanted to wish all our sweet friends a very Merry Christmas.    We haven't done any great Christmas Card to share with you but our wishes are sincere all the same.       May you all, furry and human, have all the blessings of this special day.  

We have had a great time with our visitors and managed to score a few extra meals.    We are now good friends with The Baby.  Here is the evidence:

She can't crawl yet, and we don't sit TOO close in case of tail pulling.      They have to leave tomorrow at Noon to go back home.  

She loves music, and the thing she is playing with is a little music player that plays about 5 different classical tunes.   She can start and stop it, or change tunes herself, by pushing the buttons on the front of it.   Right now her successes are a bit random, but she will quickly learn exactly what to do.  We know it, because we can tell she is smart.  

We HAVE had to endure being closed in  the basement a few times, when Mom did not want us jumping up on the dinner table.   So though we will be sorry to have everyone leave, we will regain full reign of the house.  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

How our Christmas is Shaping Up

Of course the Mom and Dad are thrilled to  bits to have her here.       We are still deciding.   She shrieks like a pterodactyl when she sees us.     I don't mind so much, but Audrey turns tail and leaves when she hears it.  

Monday, December 17, 2012


What comes after Easy Sunday?     Well, Easy MONDAY, of course!

With a bonus Paw-Over-Eyes.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Thank you Gracie for providing us with this Graphic as a way to give some expression to our shock and sadness.

Some of our kitty friends have been far more eloquent that we could be, so we are not going to try to put many words here.    Please read some of our friends' posts here:
My human siblings went to a school like Sandy Hook elementary with just children in grades K-3 at the school.    How unthinkable that somebody could go there and shoot innocent little children.    

Don't feel a need to comment, friends.    We know there is really nothing that can be said.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Feline o' MINE!!

Kitties, we got a package in the mail today and Mom cut the end open to take a look at the nice things inside, that were all nicely enclosed in plastic baggies.  Turns out it was our Christmas toys from Feline O-Mine.      Then she went to do something else and the next thing, I was up on the table rubbing against the package.      So she put it on the floor, with the SNAKE toy in its plastic peeking out.     I went crazy pants!      Sorry for the blur in some of these pictures but that is because I was bunny kicking and moving so fast!

Kitties, I can vouch for the fact that these are some VERY attractive toys even before the plastic comes off!      Mom has now hidden the package!   Thank you very much, William's Mom.   Your store is super!