Sunday, March 12, 2017

Surfeit of Selfies

Do you have a favorite? 


Monday, March 6, 2017

Warm Weather Was Lovely

Hi, pals.   Yes, I know.   Long time no see.   It is my typist's fault.

Anyhoo, a little while back we had some amazingly warm weather, considering it was February.    Mom took some pictures to show how I was enjoying the deck.  I do still go out when it is cold, sometimes, but I don't stay very long.

So here is me peering through the railings at something.  She needed to zoom to get this. see below for why).   When Mom tried looking through in that position she doesn't get what I must be looking at.  A whole lot of pachysandra growing down there, with a rare chance of seeing a chipmunk or squirrel.  

She was lucky to get that picture because usually if I see her coming out the door with the camera in her hand, this is what happens and it's all over with posing. (different day, different towel from Dad for me to sit on).

It is cold again now, but there is hope once March is over.

Hope you all are not too chilly, not too hot.  Just right!!