Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashion Friday

My Puppia Harness in Red Medium arrived in yesterday's mail. Mom insisted on trying it on me immediately, even though it was too wet to go outside. I "lost my bones" a little bit with it, but Mom is still hopeful that I will ultimately be willing to wear it with a leash for walks in the yard. Here are two pictures of me modelling it on my Favorite Blanket on the couch last night.

And in the same mail, my mom and Dad got a notice from the town that all cats will have to have licenses starting in January. I assume that means a tag that I have to WEAR?


  1. Oh, you do not look happy with that harness on! It think it is going to be a while before you are used to it/ decide to let your human put it on you without "losing your bones!"

    Wow, you will have to wear a tag? Like a dog? That sounds awfully official.

  2. Hmmm, you really don't look too happy my friend!!

    We wanted to thank you for every single comment, every single thought, every single purr... they've meant to much to us. We're so blessed to have met you my friend. We appreciate the suggestion to contact Inigo's breeder - she's stopped breeding and we've lost track of her (maybe it's just as well, I'm sure she would have been so upset and worried for Inigo, as we are) It was a very thoughtful suggestion though.

  3. Oh the sacrifices we must make so that our humans are happy. But think of your harness as a Safety harness like stunt men wear. They're cool.
    About the tag....that's Not cool.

  4. You look fabulous in your new harness! Too bad about the tag.

  5. That's a great colour, Simba. We also have a red harness, which is worn by Tma and Bibi.

    Cat licensing... wow!

  6. Wow, your harness is really wonderful. You look jaunty and athletic.
    I am sorry that you must wear a license - just another way for the city to get money. Well, will the money be used for the betterment of animal shelters?
    Happy bonkful week-end
    It poured here in No Va all day too. What a soppy mess.
    Enjoy a dry week-end!

  7. We wonder if you will really have to wear a tag? That seems odd for cats.

    I "lose my bones" when I wear a harness too. Yep, I just flop right down onto the floor. It's pitiful.

    Have a great weekend, xo, Ray

  8. I think that is a fine color on you Simba! We are teaching Ichiro to wear a harness already

  9. We think you look very manly in your new harness Simba! My sisfur Isabella "loses her bones" whenever she's picked up or held so she'd be a puddle of goo in that harness.

    Maybe the license is to let you drive so you can go to the store and get your own Party Mix!

  10. Wow, you have to have a license to be a cat in your town? Only woofies have to do that here. Oliver got his license in the mail yesterday and now he thinks he can drive a car! Maybe when you get your license you can drive too!

  11. Tell you mom just to leave the harness on you all day, in the house. Then, when you're used to it, she can attach a leash and let you drag it around the house till you're accustomed to that too. It's a very snazzy looking harness, we'll give you that! We hope you adjust to it soon, so you can go out.

  12. Simba, we think you look pretty sylin' in that harness. We bet you'll get used to it in no time! Mom is talking about getting me one of those too because it looks like it stays on pretty good. If you can tolerate it, guess I can too.

    Have a good weekend!!


  13. Oh sweet Simba ~ you are so lucky that you have parents that love you so much and take care of you ~ making sure you have all the right stuff to keep you safe! Banjo wears his harness when he goes outside. He is safe and happy wearing it ~ don't worry ~ you will get used to it soon! :)

    xo Catherine & Banjo

  14. Simba your harness is beautiful! I hope you get used to is and have great walks outside :-)

    I don't know if the rules are the same in your neck of the woods as they are here in Toronto... all my cats have licenses but it's just paperwork and they don't have to wear tags.

  15. Well it's better than being locked in and not going for walks. Maybe your survunts can carry your license for you?