Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Funhouse Update

The funhouse is working out okay. When it is zippered open I go in there by myself, because my table and towel are in there. They are in the same corner of the deck as before, so it is almost as if there is no funhouse there. Usually they zip it up, but it is open here so you can see my furry face better. Mom and dad don't leave me all alone in it, but it means they can turn their back on me and use the laptop, or water plants, or fill hummingbird feeders, without me taking advantage and hopping over the netting that blocks the stairs while they are not looking my way. I still think they may make me something larger and more substantial some time. Mom envisages an entire section of the deck cordoned off for me only. I don't think dad has quite so large a structure planned! (it is MY deck after al, isn't it?)

Speaking of hummingbirds, we finally have a regular visitor to our feeders**, which has made Dad so happy. Mom too, but Dad is especially delighted by watching the little hummers.

Have a good, restful weekend, furries and humans.

**Breaking update: at least two female hummingbirds are visiting the feeders because Mom just saw two at the same time!


  1. That is one cool cubby house!

  2. Hmmmm, we wonder if we ask for a funhouse like that, if we would possibly be allowed outside????

    We vote for a much larger catico for you, dear Simba. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Wow! What a cool fun house! I hope you get the really really big one for your WHOLE deck!

  4. What luck to have hummingbirds!

    Thanks for the computer advice. The library is already on an external drive. It seems to be the programme itself that is going funny, so we are going to re-install it.

  5. We fink yoo have EVERY right to the WHOLE catio being cordoned off for yoor own use. A cubby house is FUN but the catio is definitely YOORS!

  6. Simba, The obvious solution is to roof and screen in the entire deck for you. We can see by the two towels and cabana in your funhouse that you are properly spoiled anyway, so your Mom & Dad might as well go whole hog. Just sayin'.

    Hurrah for Hummers!

  7. Bird TV has been pretty dull here. We are having NO luck with the bird feeder outside my window. I wonder if we would have more luck with a hummingbird feeder - they do visit other areas of the yard....

  8. We are glad the funhouse is growing on you, as it's safe and you still get to sniff the real airs out there!

  9. We're glad the funhouse is working out for you Simba! Maybe the hummingbirds see that you are in the funhouse too so feel safe to come visit.

    We think your mom and dad should build you a Catio like the Katnip Lounge has! That'd be cool!

  10. Simba
    We think it's great that you get to go outside and we hope that your Dad does turn the deck into "yours"!



  11. We are glad you are getting used to your fun house. Nothing like a bit of fresh air.