Friday, August 13, 2010

Gardening Supplement - Sharing of the Parsley

I just had to show you a couple of pictures of the critters that are quietly consuming our parsley - we got to see them out yesterday for the first time because it was cooler, cloudy and a bit rainy. I think they are a special parsley caterpillar.

Mom doesn't know what to do: she doesn't want all her parsley gone, but they are quite cute. What is your opinion: ded them, or let them be? She doesn't use much parsley. And she thinks they will turn into Black Swallowtail butterflies (picture from Wikipedia).

I think I know what she will do.

Update: Mom did a little Googleresearch and it seems by their color that these guys are close to turning into pupae so won't be eating much longer, so they definitely get to stay.


  1. Oh we are suckers for critters. We votes to lets them has some parsley! You can always gets some at the store... but that's us.
    We hopes them turns into pretty futterbys!
    We not thinks less of you if you deds them though.
    Has a great weekend sweet Simba!

  2. I think they can have some of the parsley as long as they don't take all of it.

  3. Our mommy would probably let them have the parsley but we would make them deaded.

  4. That's not parsley - that is caterpillar chow! As it should be. Then when they morph into butterflies, kitties can chase them. Result: everyone wins.

  5. Parsley is pretty darn cheap. Life is not...we vote to let the parsleypillars live!

    pee ess: Where's the top to your kittykabana? We saw it missing a couple of posts back...

  6. We hope that they leave you a little parsley!



  7. We don't like caterpilars, but butterflies are much more fun.

  8. Yeah, we gotta agree... let them have the parsley.

    Now if it was NIP, that would be another matter...

  9. Why not move them to a differnt place so they can live ~ but NOT eat yoor parsley. Yoor mom could scoop 'em up and drive 'em somewhere! They look awesome!

  10. Wow, that's some caterpillar! We think you should let them have the can always buy parsley at the store...