Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Balance Beam - Catolympics

Fin's blog has introduced the Balance Beam competition of the Catolympics. Unfortunately Fin was disqualified in the Balance Beam event - see her blog for the details.

In addition to Synchronized Snoozing, I am also entering in the Balance Beam category. Here you see me working my way along the narrow beam on my belly. This is trickier than it looks because in order to advance along the beam, it is necessary to walk through the center of the planter of impatiens flowers, risking the planter tipping and causing me to be flung thirteen feet to the stoney ground below. Fortunately, I have always made it through without mishap.


  1. You are a pro my friend, but please be careful! This can be a very dangerous event!

  2. VERY GOOD! Wow! Gold Medal performance Simba! How do you get all that floof to balance?

  3. I think you are excellent on that! Good luck!

  4. I think you're on your way to a medal!

  5. Jim: 13 feet below!! That is some very impressive work. Paws and nerves of Steel!!

  6. Excellent form Simba! We give you a 10!

  7. Hihihi, you're a mancat right after my heart, Simba. I do appreciate the extra skill the walk through the planter requires. I think this is an excellent entry.
    Purrs, Siena

  8. You have a balance beam just like mine!!!

  9. Dats a good form for da balance Beam!!

    Mom says u iz soo floofy irresistable!!!

    Daisy Dids hurs way ups high!!

    and din Bella kinda did sumpin... hur was little dis high fur her

    luv n purrz,
    Katie Kitty Too

  10. woods luv to see u walkin thru dat planter... Dat is hards.

    Katie Too

  11. Whoa! If you are that good now, by 2012 no one will be able to take that gold medal away from you.