Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thunthet on Thursday

Mom and Dad have been on a visit to Florida this week (I am posting by the Magic of Remote), and instead of doing a Garden Post, I wanted to show you this picture taken in a lovely state park at sunset. They were able to see lots of Snowy Egrets, some feeding their (large) babies, while watching the sun setting behind the trees. They even saw the very top of an alligator slinking along in the water.

One thing they did was to check out the oil situation, and they want me to tell everybody that there is absolutely NO OIL in the panhandle section of Florida. It is gloriously beautiful and the water is crystal clear. They say "Come On Down!"

Oops, Dad says they were Great (White) Egrets. The Snowy Egrets are smaller than the ones they were watching.


  1. Lovely Thunthet Simba! Hope your mom and dad are having fun in Florida and we're glad to hear the oil isn't in Florida and hope it stays that way!

  2. We're glad your folks are having a good time in Florida, Simba. We hear from our friends who live there that the weather has been very warm. That's a gorgeous photo. xoxo

  3. What a golden Thunthet...means the thunsthpots are fading away though...

  4. Wow! Very pretty sky!! And we're glad there's no oil there!