Monday, February 20, 2012

Ten Questions

Last week Spitty-the-Kitty tagged us for answering 10 questions.     Thanks for the honor, King Spitty (hey, when did you go from Sir Spitfire, to King Spitty?).
So here we go with our answers:
#1. Describe yourself in seven words.  Audrey:  Hungry, chatty, affectionate, persistent, nosy, indiscriminate (re food), attentive.  Simba: Fluffy, sensitive, cuddly, patient, picky-eater,  observant, olfactory (likes to smell everything coming into the house).
#2. What keeps you up at night? Audrey: waiting for my automatic feeder to go off and give me my snack at 5 am.   Simba:   Mom watching tv at all weird hours of the night when she wakes up.     But then I snuggle with her so it has its good side.
#3. Who would I like to be?  Audrey: My namesake, Audrey Hepburn.  Simba:  An only cat.  
#4. What am I wearing right now?   Nothing except our furs of course.  Not even our collars are on.
#5. What scares me? Simba: The doorbell, strange man footsteps and voices.   Audrey: None of those things that scare Simba, but I run from the sound of aluminum foil and the spray bottle. 
#6. The best and worst of blogging. The best: enjoying the fun and supportive feedback from all the new blogging furriends.  The worst:   Trying to come up with some novel pictures to put into our posts.  The ones Mom has are SO repetitive!  
#7. The last website I visited. Spitty’s!  To copy these questions.
#8. What one thing would I like to change about myself? 
 We wouldn’t change anything about ourselves.      We WOULD like ot change how often we get to go on the deck in the good weather, though.  And talking about that, we would like to change the weather NOW!
#9. Slankets, yes or no?   Well, they wouldn’t work for a kitty with the sleeves, but we LOVE our crocheted messy blankie, that Mom pulls over herself  on the couch like a lot of people use slankets.   But, really, what a weird name!
#10. Tell us something about the person Kitty! who tagged you.  Oh, Spitty has such a neat sense of humor.    And he loves the ladies – he is capable of spreading his love around to many of them.   

So now we are supposed to tag some other cats - we will post this as is, and Mom will try to look around for who has not done it already.    


  1. Yeah--and sometimes knowing you are going to blog and then not knowing what to write. And not having opposable thumbs. That's a bad part about blogging

  2. #3. Simba, I feel your pain bud.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  3. Simba and Audrey, thank you for answering this. I loved reading new things about you. xox

  4. We enjoyed reading your answers! We got tagged with this we just gotta get our mom to help us with our answers!

  5. I really enjoyed reading your answers! Hey Audrey, our Dad is our automatic feeder!!!

  6. Great answers, especially the last one.

    To answer your question, there I was, plain old Sir Spitfire, going quietly about my business, when Glogirly sent me the wonderful graphic you now see on my sidebar, with the crown and the ermine cape. Well, I thought, who am I to refuse this coronation thrust upon me so unexpectedly? Clearly my subjects need me.

    I'm a benevolent King so far, don't you think?

  7. loved learning more about you! We are still trying to figure out what slankets are MOL!

  8. We enjoyed your answers but we think Simba would miss having Audrey around if only a little bit!

  9. We just posted our questions today also! As a new blogger, we enjoyed reading about y'all.

  10. Simba, I think both Binga and I agree with you on #3! Boodie wishes there were no humans living here.

  11. We can only IMAGINE what it's like being an only cat...


  12. I enjoyed learning new things about you. I don't think I'd ever venture outside.