Saturday, April 17, 2010

Subdued on Saturday

When Mom wants to put a stop to my desires to hop over the "fence" and get off the deck, she puts my green harness on. I HATE it! It makes me walk in a funny way, and I mostly do my best to lie in one place and not move around much. Which is Mom's reason for putting it on, of course! She wonders whether it pulls a bit on my tummy fur, and that is why I behave like that when it is on.

Another reason for being subdued today is that it is a bit rainy, and cloudy and cool, which makes a kitty (and the humans!) want to curl up somewhere warm for a nap. Mom says she is subdued too because she had to take her allergy pills because of all the flowering trees.

Happy weekend, everybuddy!


  1. I don't like anything put on me. I think you have to get used to them when you are little.

  2. Allergy season, poor mommy. We don't like leashes either, too constricting.

  3. Those harnesses will do that to a fella. Sounds like our weather is the same as yours......Have a lot of wonderful naps today....and sweet dreams. xxxxxxxx

  4. That harness is not any fun! I am certain the dreary day is because of the harness. I think even the sun is unhappy!

  5. My Mommy had the same !!
    Also allergy for pollen ....

    Have a wonderful weekend
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  6. Simba, I hate my harness too! I won't even wear it!! Our weather is not so nice today and we're just napping dreaming about sunbeams...


  7. Your mummy only does it cause you're special and she doesn't want anyone else to take you from her!

  8. We've never had a harness on but it doesn't look like it'd be comfortable. At least you still get to be outside though and it does match your eyes. We hope you were able to get some nap time in today and that your mommy's allergies get better too.