Saturday, January 23, 2010

Smarty Pants on Saturday

There has been some kidding going on in the comments of Cheysuli's blog post of yesterday, in which the purpose was to find out where Chey was, given a picture of a place somewhere. Chey was featured in the picture as usual.

The kitty who most often wins Find Chey Fridays is 'Kaika, and she has earned the title "Smarty Pants" as a result. I said I can show MY pair of smartypants, and here they are! I previously showed a very similar picture to show how frustrated I get if my folks are out on the deck and I am inside (not so much now in the cold). But it also shows my ample pair of pantaloons.

'Kaika, I think it is high time you start your own blog. You have a blogger profile so the next step is easy. I am sure we would find you very interesting and entertaining. I was encouraged to start my blog from a comment Skeezix made on Chey's blog and I am very glad I did. It has been lots of fun.


  1. We quite like your smarty pants--even if it does bring Cheysuli home...

    Gemini (who has her own fancy pants)

  2. Not only are those nice smarty pants, but your photo today is purrfect for the Photo Hunt theme today which is "balanced"! Your post is a two-fur!

  3. what a cute picture!!
    Simba, what can you see?????

  4. Meow..meow..
    I didn't know that you could dance ...LOL
    So lovely shot :-)

    Hugs kareltje =^.^=

  5. Lovely pantaloons! What are you looking at?

  6. Simba, you have some really floofy pantaloons!