Friday, January 14, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Still cultivating my "Nothing is Going On" look, but I have big news to report. I accomplished my first Mission. Instructions from M were to eliminate the threat of Rosa Klebb when I saw her. I was told that in the snowy weather, the basement had been infiltrated with SMERSH agents.

Now, kitties, I have never killed a warm blooded creature before. Honest. Yet the night before last, I effectively neutralized Rosa Klebb in the family room. Remember that the 00 in front of 007 means "license to kill". New readers can read back a few posts to understand that I was given my 007 license recently.

You would be surprised at how small Rosa turned out to be. I would say about 2 1/2 inches long, not including her tail.

And some kitties were correct. "M" is indeed Mom. M was not present for the neutralization, but I presented her with irrefutable evidence that I had successfully completed my mission.


  1. Good job, handsome Simba!!!!!!!

    As retired 007's we are so happy to see what a magnificient 007 you have become.


  2. You gorgeous deliciously decadent looking man cat you! There's something to be said for Friskies Turkey and gravy if it produces a man cat like YOU! (Um, you ARE a man cat I hope?) (otherwise I will be embarrassed but I'll make it up to you).

    I have neutralized a few of those myself! AND brought them to mommy. We need to hold up our end on bring in the fuds.


  3. Never a doubt in my mind! Bravo!!!

  4. Wow Simba! You really are Simba 007! We're so impressed with your brave Mancatly handling of Rosa!

  5. Ah good for you for finishing your mission!

  6. "license to kill" I love that : )
    and Congratulation for completed 007 mission !!!

  7. We are impressed, Simba!! We can't wait to see what your next mission is!!

  8. Oh Simba! You are so brave and talented!

  9. Great job!

    guess what? The same week you were posting 007 Michigan the 4-digit lottery number one of the days, THE SAME WEEK was 0007.....could have kicked myself for not playing it!