Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter and Happy Passover

Wishing all a very Happy Easter and Passover.    And also, YAY SPRING!    My deck awaits me.  

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for the graphic  below.

Naptime now!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Surfeit of Selfies

Do you have a favorite? 


Monday, March 6, 2017

Warm Weather Was Lovely

Hi, pals.   Yes, I know.   Long time no see.   It is my typist's fault.

Anyhoo, a little while back we had some amazingly warm weather, considering it was February.    Mom took some pictures to show how I was enjoying the deck.  I do still go out when it is cold, sometimes, but I don't stay very long.

So here is me peering through the railings at something.  She needed to zoom to get this. see below for why).   When Mom tried looking through in that position she doesn't get what I must be looking at.  A whole lot of pachysandra growing down there, with a rare chance of seeing a chipmunk or squirrel.  

She was lucky to get that picture because usually if I see her coming out the door with the camera in her hand, this is what happens and it's all over with posing. (different day, different towel from Dad for me to sit on).

It is cold again now, but there is hope once March is over.

Hope you all are not too chilly, not too hot.  Just right!!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Coming Out of Hibernation

Gosh, it has been cold, and even a bit snowy, here.    Dad offered to let me on the deck this morning and when I saw the snow I backed way up!

I have been napping a lot in my cozy blankies.    Like this (my hibernation pose):

And Mom found me two new treats:   one is Fortiflora, that was recommended by Katie Isabella and her Mommy (supposed to help my digestion, but I like it 'cause it tastes DEEELICIOUS! )  The other new treat is a whole CANISTER full of Temptations Mixups, that are Catnip Fever flavor.     I also highly recommend them.    So I do wake up from my hiberation naps to get some fuds.

I also wake up to sit with Mom at the computer:

Notice that she had to move the wireless keyboard out of my way so I could get comfy.    She does spoil me that way!

Our Christmas tree is up, Mom has finished the (online) shopping and the Christmas cards, and I am hoping she remembers to blog for me more often.   She does go around and read some of my friends' blogs for me, and sometimes lets me comment, but I would like her to step that up too.

I don't have any festive header or eCard to put out for you all, but our wishes are there just the same:  may you all have a wonderful Christmas or Chanukkah, and I hope you get lots of yummy treats, and maybe a little roast beast!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Good Excuse this Time for My Blogging Absence

This time I really DO have a good excuse for my absence.    You see, Mom spent most of the summer away helping out her daughter and with "our" new baby.   Thus Mom, my typing assistant, was not able to write blog posts for me.       So let me introduce her to you:  

I know, it looks like my sister gave birth to a bunny rabbit!       Sillies, those are not her own ears!   She has quite normal human ears, in fact.  

Her big sister came for a visit her first Christmas, and I do hope I get to meet this little one at Christmas time as well, or near then.     I like babies!   They smell good and they don't move fast.     Mom says this one is very opinionated, issuing little noises all the time.  I guess she will be a great talker like her big sister.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Checking In -Definitely NOT Wordless Wednesday

Dear friends, I have not given up blogging, but I recognize things here at Simba's Antics have been MIGHTY SLOW.     Some of you who have pawrents who went to Blogpaws know what it is like - we really do need our assistants to enable us to post.    These thumbless paws just don't quite do the trick with the keyboard.

Anyway, my humans have been doing some traveling - not anything too elaborate or romantic like a Rhine River Cruise or anything, but two weeks here, 4 days there - it all helps to detract from the more important task of blogging.    I wish my assistant scheduled posts in advance like some other creative cat Moms and Dads do, but no such luck.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of me, just so you do not forget what I look like!

First the sleepy shot:

Then the casual crossed-pawsies one:

And finally the left-hind-leg-dangling-off-the desk shot:

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Till We Meet Again, William

My friend William has made his final journey to the Rainbow Bridge.    He was one of my very first blogging friends.    I know I will meet you again, at the Bridge,  William.  Meantime, run and play like a kitten and feel free and healthy again.   I bet you will be so glad to see Russell, Gracie, Olivia and Eddie again.   And please say hi to Audrey, The Admiral, Flossie, Sparkle, Annie, Stella, Eric, Nerissa, Elliot, Forrest, Ande  and ALL the many of our good friends who are there.  Hugs and purrs for you dear Mom.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In Honor of My Friend, William, the Tiny Boy

You can read about him and leave a message at

We love you, sweet friend.