Monday, October 20, 2014

Back Briefly

Hi, friends.     Mom said she would help me write a short post.    You can see me enjoying the snuggly blanket on the sofa that Mom uses to keep warm on these chillier days.     Mom and Dad weighed me yesterday and I was 10 lbs so I have slowly been losing some weight.  Mom says beneath my furs I am rather thin.    I eat most of my foods if they are mashed and I do throw up on occasions but I don't seem sick.   I am 12 1/2 now.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Hi, kitties.     Everything is fine with us, but Mom really needs to take a break from playing secretary for us.   She SO loves blogging, but it has become a bit of an addiction and she has other things she must do for a while.     We will still be reading some and commenting maybe here and there.   Love and purrs and nosekissies to you all.

Simba and Audrey

Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Mackerel Mania

All the butterflies have moved on, so you would have thought the mania for using the Mackerel setting on the camera would be over.  But, no.  dad came to Mom and said "Quick, bring the camera with the Macro setting on to the basil plant".    

In other matters, Audrey is keeping up  with her naps and Daddy snuggles:

and Simba keeps his belleh cool with all that floof but lying belly up near the a/c vent!  (of course August was delightfully like Fall, now it is September, it is hot again)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Award Thursday

It is raining out right now, so not so good for a Gardening post.    One more butterfly has just "hatched" but we are going to keep him in the box inside and hope the rain will end and we can release him later. One chrysalis remains in the box still to emerge, and there are three outside on the parsley stems.  

A while back, sweet Katie Isabella gave me the beautiful "Wonderful Team Member Readership Award".  Thank you so much, Katie.   We enjoy your blog so much and love having you comment on our blog.    The award is a beautiful copper Sun.

We love the smiling face on the sun.   Today we could use a visit from you, Mr Sun!

The way Katie stated it on her blog, the recipient should name 14 other blogs to pass the award on to.  We do usually try to nominate others for awards, but this time we have totally lost track of who was nominated for it, and with 14 nominees each time, we bet a lot of you have!      Since we consider all our friends who visit here and comment to be wonderful team member readers, we nominate you all!!!

Added later:  Mom googled "butterflies rain" and found this interesting article that addresses what (and why)  butterflies do in rain and at night.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Few Words Wednesday

Having a little chat:

Latest butterfly # 4, drying its wings (and filling them with air - this one was very floppy when we found it in the box.  Probably had only just emerged):

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mancat Monday and Mackerel Monday

Mom has being going nuts using the Mackerel (Macro) setting on the (point and shoot) camera.    You can even see the slight drops of purr drool in this picture of my face:

Two more butterflies emerged yesterday.  Both were females.     The first flew off very quickly.  The second seemed to need to dry her wings, and also it was evening.   So she was placed on the impatiens flowers, where she stayed all night.   She is still there (8:45 am) which has the humans a bit mystified, because she doesn't seem injured or anything.    Perhaps she just really likes it there.

The way to tell the difference between the male and the female is the relative amounts of yellow and blue.    Much more yellow and less blue on the male.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

This blogging is hard stuff.  Let me just put my head down for a second .....................

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Only 10 days!!

Kitties, our first butterfly emerged!     Simba discovered it fluttering in the box this morning, and so Mom and Dad took it outside to release it.     Mom was able to use the "Mackerel" setting CK told us about to get these close up shots.  Mom is so glad she was reading CK's blog in the middle of the night!!


We think this is a male.     It stayed for a while before flying off over the house.    So pretty to see it do that!

We had expected it to take 14 to 20 days, not just ten.  Now we will watch for the others each day.

And considering the Photo Hunt theme for today is "Swanky", we think this butterfly sure is pretty swanky!