Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday in the Gardens

Dad is conscientious about watering and fertilizing my plants, and you can see here how the pots of cherry tomatoes, and basil and other herbs are clustered together to make that job a little easier. However, while Mom was in St Louis, we had a lot of rain, and my biggest basil plant (seen here in happier times) actually suffered from a waterlogged pot. We are trying to resurrect it now.

We have a steady stream of small cherry tomatoes, that usually don't even make it into the kitchen, but are eaten right off the plant!

I am going to let Mom post some pictures from the gardens she visited in St Louis. This first one was taken at the Missouri Botanical Garden, in the Japanese Garden:

Outside the Conservatory at the Butterfly House there was a small garden, that included this pond and statue of a little girl with a butterfly:

And Mom got to take several walks in Forest Park, which has a beautiful Grand Basin with lovely fountains:

as well as lots of other lovely areas. These pretty foliage plants are outside The Boathouse:

and this the a zoomed view of the World Pavilion looking back from the Grand Basin area.

Okay, Mom, now can I have my blog back?


  1. Oooh, what pretty gardens! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Lovely gardens! And oh, your cherry tomatoes look so yummy! We hope your basil will survive!

  3. Hi Simba,

    I love yoor gardening post today and the wonderful photos of the Japanese garden. Mom asked me to tell yoo (re the comment yoo left on our bloggie):

    “There’s rosemary; that’s for remembrance.
    Pray, love, remember.”

    ~ Shakespeare, Hamlet

    Rosemary has been a symbol for remembrance since ancient times. It has been used as a symbol of love and remembrance at both weddings and funerals, as well as a number of other ceremonies. For newlyweds, its a symbol of fidelity and a promise not to forget the vows they made that day; for loved ones who have passed on, a symbol of love and a promise not to forget the impact they had on your life and the memories that you shared with them.

    We think it is lovely that yoor mom will remember her loved ones wiv Rosemary too.

    Love Alfie xx

  4. Lovely but a bit of a cheek that your Mom used your spot to post up her photos (we liked them though!)Love Darcy and Bingley

  5. I suppose that every once in awhile we can allow our humans to take over our blogs....

  6. Cherry tomatoes right off the vine ~ just like candy ~ yum! That's how I eat mine too! You are sweet to share your blog with your mom Simba! :)

    xo Catherine

  7. Great photos Simba! Your garden at home looks good, our basil didn't make it this year. Those cherry tomatoes look yummy.

  8. That was a lovely garden. It is too bad you did not get to wander around in it and show off how gorgeous you would look in such a place.

  9. Great photo's Simba, I love the pond with the lily pads :-)

    It's funny, our basil is the only one of the herbs I planted this summer that thrived! The corriander, dill and even the mint all died.

  10. My human loves gardens, but she is not good with gardening. She just killed some basil seedlings and is not sure what she did wrong. (sigh)

  11. The photos of the gardens are beautiful. Our cherry tomatoes never make it indoors either because mum eats them like sweets.

  12. Wow those were some spectacular garden pictures!

    We love how well your vegetable and herb garden is coming along.

    We will be purring for you and hoping that Earl rolls right by you!

    Stay safe!


  13. I love your herb garden. And that statue in the Park is lovely too.

  14. We hope the basil can be dried back out! Your cherry tomatoes look yummy!

    The gardens in St. Louis are very pretty! We're glad your mom shared her photos!

  15. Those are some pretty gardens your mom saw, Simba!!

    And you are doing a great job snoopervising your dad with your garden pots!!

  16. What a pretty place to visit, but I think I like your garden better Simba.


  17. Cherry tomatoes...Mommy says "yum" and we say "toy", the rool really well!

    The gardens your Mom visited were gorgeous!

    pee ess: your vet trip sounds absolutely horrible. Good for you to howl both ways.