Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday in the Garden with Simba

Since the past few weeks have been less hot, and even "just right", everything on the deck is thriving. Mom has had a Swedish Ivy plant for oodles of years, and just keeps making new cuttings and planting them in fresh soil in a hanging basket. This is one of our two current plants:

As I said the other day, our Ficus tree has grown quite a bit - it spends winters inside and summers on the deck. I think Dad will have to prune it again before it comes back in this Fall:

Our Spider plant had no little "babies" before the summer - now there are quite a few. Most likely a couple will get rooted during the winter and made into new hanging plants next spring:

Cherry tomatoes continue to ripen - I liked the look of this bunch:

Catnip was suffering in the very hot weather, but it looks good now:
And the Imaptiens boxes are full and thriving as well (Dad does a good job of watering and fertilizer with these).

Guess who?! I had a little supervised time outside with Mom yesterday. It was beautiful weather and I spent quite a lot of time just sitting in this spot, looking and listening.


  1. You're a good snoopervisor, Simba...quiet, watching, waiting to give direction!

    And we love all your indoor/outdoor plants! Our mom has a fern that she puts outside in the summer and brings in during the winter...probably time to bring it inside now.

    And regarding your comment that our butterfly looks a little different than your Black Swallowtail...that's what we thought too. We think it looks more like the Spicebush Swallowtail but we weren't quite sure.

  2. Awwww ... we are so pleased yoo got owtside in the sunbeams. And we love those tomatoes. I grew sum but mom eated them all up.

    Alfie xx

  3. Your plants look so pretty and you look very happy outside snoopervising your garden too Simba. Enjoy your day!

  4. You are so lucky you get supervised time outside, Simba! I never do because for some reason I am considered "unsupervisable."

  5. Your plants are all very pretty Simba. We love the spider plant best because it looks like those little spider-ettes would be fun to whap!

  6. Simba,

    Your Mom (hearts) you very much to supervise you outside and let you have yard/garden time.

    So my Mom (hearts) you very much too, (and wishes she was there so she could try to touch your tummy without you putting the bitey on her). It looks like the weather is gorgeous there!

    Love, Audrey

  7. Your plants and tomatoes are all looking good. Our flowers are all past their best now.

  8. Simba
    Fantastic garden tour. Everything looks so good.


  9. You are looking great surrounded by all of those plants!

  10. I love the way your fur gleams in the sun. Very nice!

  11. My friend... Rumblemum got very teary when she saw you've got a button up for Inigo. She is touched beyond belief. Thank you for all your kind words and support for him. I'd be so lost without him, and I know all the support from everyone has helped him grow stronger.