Monday, January 18, 2010

Manly Monday

When it snows, my Dad tries to clear a walkway around the edges of our deck (on the deck). Then I will ask to go out and 'splore it and all the smells. This is a very manly thing to do. Snow is odd stuff but I am brave. There may be strange smells from other animals, but I am brave. Dad is shoveling nearby but I am brave.

Once I have checked everything out, I ask to come back in. Because I may be brave, but my feet are cold!


  1. Yes you are brave to go out into the wild and check things out and to get your paws cold.

  2. That is brave indeed, Simba! And it is also clever not to want to stay outside too long when your feet are cold!

  3. You are brave, Simba! We rarely go out in the snow!

  4. Well we think yoo are pawsomely brave. Snow is VERY cold!

    Milo and Alfie xx

  5. You are very brave out in the snow--even on a path!

  6. Simba, you almost look like a fox in this photo, only way more mancatly!

    Thanks again for all your help around Busby's FUS. Don't know if you heard, but our Vet recommended a pill called Carpon which is a Natural Urinary Acidifier. It is made from cranberries. We'll keep you posted.

    xoxo, Raymond

  7. Well, there's brave and then there's practical. You simply have both attributes! And, of course, the manliness thing too...
    ~Lisa Co9T

  8. Simba you are very brave to go out in the cold and snow. We are glad you have such a beautiful coat to wear in the cold.
    We hope your project went well.
    Madi and Mom

  9. Wow, you are brave and a quite helper!
    It must be very cold out there,, stay warm, Simba!

  10. Yeah that white stuff is cold on the paws. Stay warm.

  11. You are very, very brave to venture out in that cold, white stuff! We've never been outside before so our feets would freeze!

  12. It's hard to be brave when you have cold feet. FAZ

  13. Poor Daddy from you Simba
    my Mommy had also hard worked
    with that shovel...
    We had to much snow this year :(
    Nice to see you walking there ..

    Kareltje =^.^=

  14. Hai, Simba,
    It is furry nice to meet you. You are furry brave to go out in dat cold stuffs. We no gets white stuffs here..just wet.
    Fanks you fur stopping by our bloggie and suggestin' such a fun game! I will hav to try dat one next week wif gettin under da bottom sheet. Sounds like furry much funs!

    Your mew furriend, Munchkin of the Talk With The Paws crew.

  15. You're the bravest, Simba. What other animals are you smelling? Hope it's not bears!

  16. Yes, you are indeed very brave, Simba! You're quite a bit like my Dylan -- in the way you have to inspect and smell everything that is!

    What a mancat!