Friday, November 13, 2009

Puppies on Friday

Mom has had a little project going lately - she has been scanning some slides taken many years ago by my Grandpa. This picture was taken in about 1962. Their female cocker spaniel Taffy had 8 puppies and to take this picture, he had to get them all lined up and nomming at the same time. I think they are pretty cute, though I wonder what I would do if I actually met a little puppy face to face! Mom is enjoying the scanning project because it brings back a lot of memories.


  1. How sweet! And back then, you generally only took one shot to get it right. Nowadays we can take dozens of shots to get one good one. What a great find!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  2. Wow Simba, what a great photo! That must have been hard work, getting all those puppies to eat at the same time without running over to eat from each other's bowl.

    Hope we get to see some more from your Mom's scanning project.

    Purrs, Busby and Raymond

  3. Simba, this is a fantastic photo. I can't stop looking at it!