Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coming soon.........

Can you believe how fast this year is going? It doesn't make much difference to me, as I don't have to worry about much preparing or shopping. But Mom is starting to get a bit twitchy. The amount of time our computer is connected to or is increasing, and it cuts into my blogging opportunities. There is a lot of staring at the screens of US Airways and Continental and muttering about how the airlines are playing mean games with their fares for the holidays. For example, Mom says it costs more to take a direct flight for a shorter trip than a longer trip with a stop in it at the same place the shorter trip starts. Now even I know that is not economically logical.

I am not one for wearing cat clothes, but I did wear this Christmas neck embellishment a little last year, and my Mom snapped a couple of pictures. I think it looks festive.


  1. You look just GORGEOUS with that Christmas neck thingy, Simba!

    We are happy to report that our #1 is staying right here through the festive season!!! But we're with you on the time spent at amazon and other such...

  2. Lovely Christmas collar

  3. Wow.. what a lovely collar. It suits you well, Simba!
    Looks like you're ready for Christmas (^,^)v

    Alexia & Lolo

  4. That is a lovely holiday collar Simba. I hope my mom doesn't get any ideas.

  5. Very fetching and festive on you!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  6. Simba, you look very festive. Our Mom likes that Landsend website too. This year has flown by.

    Purrs, Busby and Ray

  7. While you do look quite Mancatly in your Christmas collar, you must put you paw down, Simba and say "No pictures 'til I get more blogging time!!"

  8. You look so beautiful in your Christmas collar~!
    How lovely and dearly~

  9. You do look festive, Simba! But we hope our mom doesn't get any ideas about dressing us up this year!