Friday, November 27, 2009

Fallout Friday

They said to eat and drink in moderation yesterday, but I kind of overindulged. I got actual turkey for the first time. Oh my ............YUM!
So I am going to try and sleep it off today.


  1. Hey Simba, looks like you had a pawsome Thanksgiving! And the best thing is, there is probably some leftover turkey in the fridge so maybe you will get some more!

  2. That is a fabulous shot of you, Simba! Glad you enjoyed the turkey!

    To answer your question: "Chan" is a affectionate suffix in Japan, meaning "dear" or "loved". So, you would be called "Simba-Chan" by the people who love you!

  3. I think sleeping for a day after a feast is perfectly appropriate.

  4. Hi Simba! Mom is sure Jonesie was not lost. She has a very strong sense of place and all signs pointed to the fact she was not lost. lost cat signs in the neighborhood, no lost cat ads, no response to found cat ads. That plus a history of people in the apartments abandoning their pets.