Sunday, November 22, 2009

Honest Scrap

Hi, everybody. I received the Honest Scrap Award from Raymond and Busby last week and I have been compiling a list of 10 things about myself to tell you. Maybe they will help you to know and understand my purrsonality a little better.

I was adopted by Mom and Dad when I was 18 months old because my young owner was having to move in with relatives who had a child who was allergic to cats. She was very sad to have to let me go, because she loved me very much. That made my Mom and Dad sad for her. Interestingly, I do not make my Mom itchy and allergic the way many other cats have done.

I don’t know my exact birthday, and Mom and Dad only approximately remember my Gotcha Day. But I was born in early 2002, and came to live with them in mid 2003.

The only other pet I have ever had to share my home with was my brother Rusty. Since he died, it has just been me.

I do not pester my Mom and Dad to wake up in the mornings. I lie near by and as soon as they do get up, I run straight for the kitchen, but I am very polite and don’t actually wake them up, even if they sleep late.

I seem to have a circuit in the house for favorite places to sleep during parts of the day. I almost always sleep in the dining room in the mornings, but hardly ever go in there the rest of the day. And it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with sunspots, or warmth.

I don’t bother my Mom and Dad for People Food. In fact, when they are eating their meals, I usually politely leave the room. Or I lie quietly looking towards them until they have finished.

I also don’t jump up on the counters in the kitchen the way most of their other cats before me have done. Except once my Mom found me up there and it was because I was interested in some baby’s breath in a vase! I am very curious about vases of flowers.

I get lots of hairballs, even though my Dad brushes me as much as he can. If I eat even a little bit of grass or leaf, it makes me throw up and I try very hard to come back inside to throw up, rather than doing it outside. I am so considerate!

I show no interest in television at all. In fact when the tv is on, I usually lie facing away from it.

Even though I am quite a Big Boy, I love it when Mom holds me like a baby and carries me around. I could do that all day, purring all the while. And sometimes I will try to climb onto her shoulder as if I am a one pound kitten still.

Thank you Raymond and Busby very much for thinking of me. I am supposed to pick 7 more blogs to receive the honest scrap award. If you have already received it, I apologize for not knowing.

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  1. Hey Simba! We love learning more about you. Of course now my Mom is wondering why we wake her up every morning at 6am. "Simba doesn't wake up his humans..." Oh, brother!

  2. Congratulations on your award and thank you for thinking of us! It is so difficult for me to be honest though.. you know I am a political cat...

  3. Hi Simba! WE have a feeling we have done this before but it was before Yuu-Chan, and may have been before Sei-Chan, so we'll do it again! We enjoyed reading about you and thanks for thinking of us!

  4. Hi Simba. How nice to learn so much more about you.

  5. It's nice to learn more about you Simba. You don't like people food, huh? That's probably a good thing. You also sound very considerate. Could you possibly have a word with Au about that morning sleeping thing?