Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday in the Garden with Simba and Audrey

 ::3 Paw Taps::

It is a great gardening day today.   Our weather is sunny and hot: supposed to reach about 90 F today!      In the late morning, Mom and Dad said we could both go on the deck.   Simba went right out:

 but Audrey hung back on the mat by the door, because the harness was making her kinda boneless.  
For those new to the blog,"The Garden" for us is mostly the deck, since that is where the humans plant new stuff.  The big garden is mostly trees and shrubs which don't change except for during shrub blooming seasons.   Our impatiens got started late, what with weddings and such, but they are looking pretty nice now.   There are three boxes of multicolored impatiens.
The catnip plant has bushed out and even has some flowers now.  Time to picks some, Mom!

There are two Swedish Ivy plants - they just grow so prolifically and look so nice and green!      This one is hung below a tube hummingbird feeder.

Here is a closeup of the feeder: yes, we do have some hummingbird visitors, or at least one, anyway.

This hanging pot of impatiens was actually started at the end of last summer, by taking cuttings from the plants they had then, before they were eaten by the deer for snacks before the winter.  The cuttings stayed alive and blooming inside through the winter and now are growing lots in the warm weather.   There is a second hummer feeder above that plant.

 Our new adventure this year, for the first time in many years, is to grow some baby lettuce.    They only planted the seeds a few days ago, and look how fast they are sprouting!  

 They also planted some basil seeds that are JUST germinating - can you see a couple of tiny green plants?

 Just to show you that Audrey did finally waddle her way through the door, onto the deck!!


  1. But it looks like a great place to hang out!

  2. Your deck garden is terrific! The Swedish ivy looks especially lush..the mom had one many years ago in her then-apartment and it did well.

    So Audrey ventured out, huh? Well, she's not looking very energetic there (lol), but we except it's the combination of the harness and the heat! :-)

  3. Go Audrey - you need to get to that catnip plant! The deck and garden look fantastic - but how do you cope in such heat ?

  4. Poor Audrey! We lufs your deck and all the plants look so nice. Good place to hang out! Purrs

  5. You got lots of neat stuff on your deck! We're glad that Audrey found her bones long enough to make it out there to sit with you Simba!

  6. I love your deck! And your nip plant is really big - about 10 times bigger than mine! But at least my human hasn't killed my nip (yet)!

  7. Everything sure does look nice! One of these day I hope to have a garden too!

  8. Great report on the garden. Beautiful.

    pawhugs, max

  9. Simba
    That was a great tour of your garden! We love the planter boxes and we think that is a great idea. Mom has basically set up her patio area as a container garden.

  10. your garden is just beautiful!! I am hoping you can help me about the catnip. I am growing it also and mine has been flowering for about 2 weeks now. When are you supposed to pick it and what are you supposed to do with it when you do pick it?

  11. by gosh, mommy will have to do that too once she can use her hand again.

    pee ess i had two good meals today!!!

  12. Your deck garden is looking great! Audrey we hope you find some bones so you can enjoy it out there more.

  13. Great gardening pals - love those hummingbird feeders. Pretty flowers too - I loves whiffing the smells in a garden.

  14. What a great garden! We laffed at Boneless Audrey, MOL! (My Human tried to put one a them things on me once. Just: N-O. Was NOT happening!)

    We're glad the deer got some snacks! Your nip looks great, Simba! Have you sampled it?

  15. Your deck is looking beautiful as ever. Mummy grew some lettuces for the bunnies and they liked them very much. I bet the humming bird is fun to watch. Does he hum a nice tune to you :)xx

  16. You garden looks beautiful - those SWAT kitties haven't arrived yet - we are DOOMED, DOOMED.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx