Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday in the Garden with Simba and Audrey

::3 Paw taps::
First of all, I just want to say I hope that Jonesie, the founder of the Society of Feline Gardeners, is feeling better from her horrible encounter and will be out in her garden today.
There are many plants to check out on our deck, but one of the favorites is, of course, the catnip.   Mom caught sight of an introoder kitty early one morning checking it out too but he ran off very fast.

Simba is giving it a really good sniff here.

But now for a surprise: look at the amazing Moth who visited our kitchen window today: here it is seen from the inside

And this is what it looks like from outside.   

It is large, about 3 inches across.  It seems to be a Luna Moth.  We have never ever seen one before and Mom and Dad are quite amazed by it.

OH, and finally, as you can see in the picture of Audrey, we got her a collar of her own, and got her license from the town: she is number 018 (if you remember, Simba is 007).    Mom says most of the humans in town must be keeping their kitties a secret because there cannot possibly only be 16 kitties other than us who live here.


  1. Look at that cool moth! How pretty it is! Hmm... it is too bad she isn't 99! :)

  2. That is a very pretty moth! That would be hours of entertainment if it got in the house! Maybe Audrey got that number since 8-1=7 so she's really 007 in disguise!

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  4. Wow ! That's moth is so beautiful !!! Me and mom never seen it too !!! Look pretty unique !!!!

  5. That moth is almost as pretty as a butterfly!! Best to look at and not play with!!

  6. Holy cod, look at that moth! We've never seen anything so big. Derry is salivating!

    BTW, good thing your mom scared the introoder away from your nip!

  7. Oh...I better not show that moth to Figaro...he'll chomp it for sure!

    Thanks for your purrs for Jonesie! She loves her garden too much to stay out of if forever, but it sure was a scary experience for her.

    Dad and mom will patrol and monitor the fence line where that woofie lives.

  8. Wow, you got to met Mothara! Great tour today fur sure!

  9. That moth - wow! It's a whole meal, not just a snack!

    I wish my human could grow nip in pots, but she kills things when she tries. Which is why she planted the nip outside - it was dying. It came back... for a while.

  10. That is a really big Nip plant. Maybe even enough to share with the Introoder?

    That moth is really something. The Human thinks it's beautiful, but I'm kind of torn. I mean, I can see what she means, but I can't help myself from thinking how TASTY it looks.

    Good thing it is not in my house so I do not have to make that decision, MOL!

  11. That is one gorgeous moth. This might be the second comment we have left. Anyway, we haven't seen one of those moths in many years. Audrey we like your collar. That is terrific. Hope all of you have a super day.

  12. simba our humans don't know if our town requires us to be registered as "citizens" of the town, we will inquire.

    emma and buster

  13. isee you're getting spam. ;-(

    you twolook great and I loveAudrey's new pretty femionine collar.xoxoxox

  14. Our nip plant died and Mom can't figure out why. *sigh* We were so disappointed. WE LOVE I think you have enough for the entire CB! Great garden Simba and Audrey!

  15. Terrific looking moth - may we say, crunchy? MOL. You two are clearly special cats as there are so few of you!

  16. Wow! You really had a special visitor. That is an amazing moth. Great picture you got of it. Hugs and nose kisses

  17. That moth looks scary - we hope it stays away from the nip. Well done on your 018 status Audrey! I have a chip number but it's not as catchy.

  18. Wow, Simba, that's a MOTH. And a big nip plant, too. Congrats to Audrey on her collar and tag. Eighteen's a nice number; of course 007 has all those manly conotations. :-)

    We were very upset to hear about Jonesie's intruder. Jonesie's mom doesn't allow anonymous posts (and mom doesn't think she can manage a blog til she retires a little) so we're hoping you'll pass on to Jonesie that we're hoping she'll be back to feeling like herself (and think of new and improved password) quickly.

    Thanks guys!

    Lizzie & 3 kitties

  19. WOW you guys! That is one lovely luna month! You is soooo lucky! I'd love to see one in person!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan