Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gardening Thursday and 500th Post

Kitties, this is my 500th post!      Here's a demo of how excited I am about it.   Maybe if a bunch of you came over and we could race around and go crazy with fresh nip I would get more into the feel of a celebration.

:: 3 Paw Taps::

On to gardening!  
The weather is hot here (as in much of the USA) which is de-energizing for kitties and humans alike.       But the plants seem to like it!   So long as Dad is diligent with his watering, because we have not had rain in a while.  

This is what our lettuce leaves look like.   Mom says they will eat some tonight.

But the basil is being very slow for some reason.     

Oregano and Parsley started as plants from the garden center, not as seeds, and are growing well.

And the catnip plant is spreading all over.

Mom just loves the impatiens at this time of year.   They have filled out but are not yet too leggy.

Happy Thursday to all and I hope you are not having uncomfortably hot or cold weather.  


  1. Forget the herbs and flowers, the catnip is growing well!
    Congratulations on your 500th post - that is worth of a celebration, surely ? Just a small pile of nip anyway.

  2. A big congrats on your 500th post. Well done.
    We have just gotten into growing herbs this year and it is fun to see and eat some of them. The cats of course love their cat nip.
    Your plants look terrific. We love impatients too. Try to stay cool

  3. Congrats on 500!!!! Hey, break out the fresh nip and let's celebrate!

  4. Simba my friend, you should nom on some of those plants!!

    Congrats on 500 my friend, well done!

  5. Concatulations on your 500th post, Simba! And DOUBLE concatulations on how well your nip plant is doing!

  6. Wow! Your nip plant is doing pawesome! Concatulations on your 500th post too!

  7. Concatulations! 500 posts! That is awesome. A nip party sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. P. Treasure.

  8. Concats on your 500th! I will help you celebrate! House trashin!!! Have a pawsome day.

  9. Congratulations on you 500th post Simba, that is amazing!!! My boys are on their way over armed with fresh nip, tuna and a lots of toys...let's start the celebration!!!

  10. Simba
    Concats on your 500th post!
    That is a big accomplishment.
    Your garden looks wonderful and we bet the lettuce was delicious.

  11. Hooray on you 500th post, Mr. Simba !!! And I always love your nip , It's always grow beautiful. I think you are one of the first blog I seen the nip, And Me and my mom always wonder hwat is your mom's tip to grow it so healthy and beautiful : )

  12. HUGE CONGRATS on your 500th post!!! Here's to thousands more!

    Your garden looks wonderful! Your catnip is bushier than mine, I need to pluck the flowers off to make it bushier but haven't yet...

    as you mentioned we are having the same horribly hot weather and I hate it. It actually hit 100 in Detroit today.

    I am ready for Fall

  13. Audrey&#39;s first mom8:01 PM, July 21, 2011

    Congratulations on 500!
    The garden looks great. The shade from your trees helps. It is hot, hot, hot here but I keep watering my tomatoes and petunias.
    Kisses to Audrey. (and Simba too).

  14. Woo hoo, 500 is pawsome! It's too hot to garden so our mom is calling it wild, but we help harvest the raspberries.

  15. Holy cow, just LOOK at that nip plant! I think that will help celebrate your 500th post! Congratulations!

  16. Congrats on your 500th post, Simba! Here's to hundreds more!!

    It sure is hot here too. And our plants are looking a little punky because of it. Yours look pretty good...'specially that nip!!

  17. Concats on 500 posts!! We love seeing your posts!

  18. 500 posts! That's fantastic...who knew we Cats had so much to say!
    Our basil is very slow this year, but our cilantro has already gone to seed. Weird weather,Mommy says.

  19. Congratulations on your 500th post!!

  20. Hey, we're on our way over, MOL!

  21. CONCATULATIONS on your 500th post, Simba! Say, that Nip is looking great. In fact, it looks better than any of the other plants! Are you sneaking it some fertilizer, MOL?