Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday in the Garden with Simba and Audrey


So kitties, last Thursday I promised some pictures of our "gardening efforts".  

This first picture is what we WISH we could grow:   veggies and fruit the humans got at the Farmer's Market.   Yummy fresh stuff (for THEM!).

This is the Garden area of pots on our deck.     Tomatoes on the right, pepper plant in the middle and herbs on the left.

A closeup of a developing tomato - Dad says this plant is a "Better Boy" plant.  I thought I, Simba, was the Better Boy.

This plant is called Early Girl.  Like Audrey who wakes everybody up very early.

Here are the herbs:   basil and oregano on the left, mint and rosemary behind, parsley in front.  Dad grows the parsley for the butterflies - he saw a mama butterfly trying to lay eggs there yesterday so maybe we will see caterpillars soon.

Our Bee Balm plant is meant to attract hummingbirds but we still have not seen any.  One of Dad's freinds said he saw the first one in their garden a few days ago and they usually have more.     Something funny going on with the hummers this year it seems.

Audrey wanted to go out with Mom while she took the pictures.    The painter's tape on the door is because of painting going on outside this week.  


  1. Those tomatoes and herbs are looking great! Our human couldn't grow a veggie to save her soul. :-p

    Good luck with the painting, we sure hope your humans don't have to do it themselves in this heat!

  2. Our Mom can only grow herbs (and even that's a challenge). She's tried tomatoes but they always die.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. I LIKE your garden! I like it a LOT!!! Everything looks so nice and green and healthy.

    I have a question for you. It's kind of important. Do your peeps ever refer to those plants as their babies? My peep #1 has been "babying" some potted plants and I'm worried those babies are takin' over from her most precious babies... my fur-family and me!

    Any thoughts on the matter?


  4. WOW!n Things are looking great and there are some Early Girls here too!

  5. Great pics! Our tomatoes are having a hard time this year. Started late, growing slow, and now we have >>gasp<< worms! It's a good thing we have a grocery store! MOL!

  6. You have a great Deck Garden friends. he he - D has one tomato plant and so far the humans have eaten both of the matoes that came off the plant. M says our problem here is too much shade (which she loves and doesn't want to give up.)

  7. oh my we think your garden looks fabulous! Mom did a deck garden about 2 years ago but yours is much nicer!
    We would love it if you would visit sometime, we are sad because we think you don't like us anymore?
    Caren and Cody
    Cat Chat

  8. guys....yur garden iz total lee rockin but we iz kinda like wearz de catnip N catgrass N fish pond ..... :)

  9. Your garden looks great! Our mommy gets her stuff from the farmers market since garden attempts here don't tend to work. Audrey's face in that last photo is adorable!

  10. My human has a black thumb so she can't do much about growing her own veggies. She was on a walk the other day, and somebody had a set up that must have been REALLY attractive to hummingbirds because there were DOZENS of them around the house - there were all sorts of feeders and plants for them. Maybe word about this house got through all the way to the East Coast and they all went over there!

  11. You guys will get there. Tell dad not to give up - we have found that somethings we love we just CAN'T grow :-( others we CAN grow!! Tell Dad to keep trying. Potatoes grow great in pots, so does rhubarb, He should get the book called (we thinks) Gardening in I sq. yard or some such. You can pack in heaps of stuffs!

  12. I so so so wanted to grow the same things but the raccoons and possums were just too much for me, as they climbed the deck in the night, upset all the deck furniture and terroorized Katie and ruined my plants. :-( I really feel sad not to have any at all.

    Audrey, you look so sad...mommy and daddy will let you out soon and Simba, you are a better n=boy than ANYONE! xoxoxox

  13. It looks like you're gonna have some pretty good tomatoes this year!!

  14. Nice garden! The peeps used to have wild leeks growing all over their yard. They couldn't pull them fast enough. You should have lavender. It smells so good.

  15. We're heard a whisper that you may be going out quite soon - but the pait's got to be done first.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. oooh! We didn't know bee balm flowered so prettily! We have rosemary BUSHES this year - three feet tall if they're an inch! And nice chives. And NO dill. NO parsley. And something has stripped our kale bare. *sigh*

    Audrey, we think you would have done a marvy job snoopervising the photo op. But wasn't it terribly HOT?

  17. Look at all that wonderful produce =)
    Fresh and yummy!
    Love that cute little kitty face, too!