Thursday, January 12, 2012

Checking In Thursday

Hi, kitties.   Just checking in with our friends.   Sorry we have not been visiting and commenting.   Mom and Dad took a short trip to see my human sister (Audrey's first Mom) and so we have done a lot of THIS:

This is actually the picture we posted for New Year's except there were lots of streamers and party hats and fireworks added to that one!
We don't usually choose to sleep on the same chair or sofa, but sometimes when we do, nobody feels like they have to move.
Our cat sitter has been taking care of us and our humans will be back real soon.


  1. As long as you two stay at home, It's fine !!!
    As long as you two don't need to go to Jail ( Catttery ), That's perfect !
    Purrs for your pawrentshave a safe trip ; )
    Miss You

  2. SO glad you're here to tell us what's goign on and you two look so adorably cuddly. Kisses!

    Mom Carole

  3. You both look so cute and we know you miss your Mom and Dad!


  4. Have great dreams until you people get back--then you better get some extra treats!

  5. You two look so sweet sleeping together.Maybe your pwarents will be home soon.
    xoxo Kassey

  6. Well, at least you two have each other for company while your humans are gone. You both look very comfy there!

  7. You's been all alone and we is not haffin a house trashin???

  8. You two look super comfy!!! Glad you are looking after each other while your mum and dad are away :-)

  9. You are so patient, waiting for your humans to come back. We would have trashed the place.
    Oh, and thank you so much for the Liebster award - we do apologise that Äiti hasn't got round to putting it on the blog yet. Corrective action will be taken soon!

  10. You two are awfully cute there. It's nice that you sometimes share a chair! Is it the Switzerland chair, like Scarlett and Melly's Switzerland dresser?

  11. I hope you will get lots of treats for being completely abandoned in such a hugely callous way!

    At least, that's what Au says :-)

  12. I think if that is how you while away the time its just fine as you at home where you will feel safe. Hope mum is having a good time... HUgs GJ xx