Monday, August 30, 2010

At the Butterfly House

As I mentioned last week, my Mom was able to visit the Butterfly House during her visit to St Louis. The butterflies are in the large glass conservatory, which is a warm, tropical environment, with lots of plants, and pathwaya where you walk right in among the butterflies. They also had some other exhibits, and a short movie about the butterfly life cycle and how important butterflies are to all life on earth, because they are responsible for pollinating lots of plants.

My Mom knew she would be disappointed about not getting a lot of good pictures from the Butterfly House, because most of the time the butterflies were flying, and not settling on the plants. However she did get some closeup pictures of a couple of butterflies.

She believes this first one is a Blue Morpho. There were a lot of them there, but when they settled, only the underside of their wings showed, and instead of the brilliant blue-turquoise color, you got to see the camouflage side:

She hasn't been able to work out the name of this gorgeous one, but she thought it was truly beautiful. Do any of you know what it is? The plant it was on had orange pom-pom flowers dangling from it, so even with this bright coloring, I guess it was still camouflaged.

From the Butterfly Directory for the Butterfly House, we find that this one is a Scarlet Mormon, from Southeast Asia.

And this picture comes from their website too, showing you what the top of the Blue Morpho looks like. They come from Central and South America.


  1. Flutterbys are great. As I once mentioned, I am curious about their taste, but Tiny, who ate one in secret, said they don't taste like much and aren't worth the bother. So we just watch them and sometimes chase after them for fun. Mom really loves butterflies, too and she has tried to capture them with the flashy beast, but they almost always have to close their wings just when she is ready to take the picture...kinda like I always have to look away just before she takes a picture of me..haha!!! Your flutterbys are really pretty...we thank you for sharing!! Purrs, Lautrec

  2. Really cool photos! The Butterfly House looks fun!

  3. Hi, dear friend.

    Our mama really liked the pics from the butterfly house....she went to a butterfly house in Ireland several years ago, and one of the butterflies fell in love with her and crawled around and rode around on her for a long time.


  4. I love the Blue Morpho, there were lots of those at the butterfly conservatory that I visited. It's funny, the butterfly markings are all so colourful and exotic, they don't seem real!

  5. Those butterflies are so pretty! We really like the last one! Did your mom bring you back any?

  6. Looking at all those gorgeous butterflies is making me hungry!

  7. Fantabulous! I am in awe of the beauty Mother Nature creates.

    MomKat Trish

  8. Oh those butterflies are simply gorgeous!
    What a neat place to visit.


  9. They're lovely. We have a fantastic butterfly park in KL in Lake Gardens. Love that place.