Sunday, October 4, 2009


I enjoy spending time on the deck at our house, especially because I am not supposed to go down below. That is because I am a bit clueless about "map skills" and also a LOT defenseless without front claws (for any reader who doesn't believe in declawing cats, I was already declawed in the front when I was adopted). To stop me running down the steps my Mom and Dad usually have the stairway blocked off with plastic mesh fencing. However on this day, the fencing was down, and they had blocked off the stairway with a planter of flowers. You can see above how I am calculating how to get across the planter and down the stairs in one jump.

Oh, hello, I didn't know you were there. No, of course I was not going to jump over the flowers! You know I am a Very Good Boy.


  1. A Very Good Boy like you would never try to jump over the flower barrier!

  2. You do look like a very good boy. But isn't it fun to smell the flowers?

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a nice comment about me!


  4. Be careful! I wouldn't want you to get outside and not be able to defend yourself. I slipped out the front door tonight and scared my mom! She now has the eagle eye on me!

  5. Very Good Boy, yarite. I've heard some of the tales about your backyard adventures.

    Although my Mom says you are a lot more polite and better-behaved than I am, in general.

    Purries and snuggles, Audrey