Monday, October 26, 2009

More Cousins Monday

I introduced you to Audrey last week. Just to show that not all my relatives are cats, here is another "cousin" of mine, Josie. Today is close to Josie's second birthday. We think she is a cross between a black lab and a border collie. That little "hat" on the grass is actually her hiking water bowl. She enjoys going on hikes with her bean parents when they have the time.

Josie had a rough start in life. She came from an animal shelter at about 2 months old, and she must have already caught Parvo virus before she got there. Very shortly after arriving at her forever home, she became sick and had a spend a lengthy time at the V-E-T's. Parvo virus is a nasty illness. However she is a healthy girl now.

Next week I will try to introduce you to another of my relatives.

Edited to add:I have never met Josie in the fur; she has 2 kitty siblings, so I think she would play nicely with me if I ever did get to meet her.


  1. She looks like a lovely girl. I am glad she is healthy now. You have a lot of cousins and such!

  2. I have a woofie cousin! I stay away from him though, because he is too active and loud.

  3. Nice to meet Audrey. I bet it is kind of nice to have a doggie in the family. She looks like she could protect you bunches.
    I am glad she found a forever home and is now in good health.