Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorite Felines on Friday

When I came to live with my family six years ago, there was another ginger cat already living there - this is my bro Rusty. As you can see, he had short fur, and he was long and lean in the body, so we were like a Mutt and Jeff team. We were only a match in our coloring. At first, he was not thrilled to see me, but over time we got to be good friends, and would lie together on our favorite blanket. I always let him be the boss. Rusty was allowed to go outside, but I was not. He had a very big desire to be out and was miserable if confined to the house. He had all his claws, whereas I was missing my front ones, and I had no clue about finding my way back to my own porch or deck, even if I was just next door (once when I did escape, I went onto the decks of the neighboring houses, thinking they were my house!).

Sadly, Rusty's love of the outdoors ended up taking him to the Rainbow Bridge when he was about 13 years old. My folks are fairly certain he was taken by a fox or coyote, which made them extremely upset. Even though we live in a fairly populated area, there are deer, and foxes and very occasionally coyotes in the area.

We remember Rusty with great affection. Rusty, we hope you are enjoying the Infinite Outdoors over the Bridge.


  1. Thanks for letting us know about Rusty. He was clearly a great brother to you! It's just to bad his love for the outdoors turned out to be a fatal attraction. But we know he is in great company at the Bridge as we all have dear friend there too!

  2. To Rusty! Thirteen is a long life for an outdoor kitty. I'm sure he had a full one too.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  3. When it comes right down to it - it's betters to let the cat be miserable and learn to adjust than to let it out to die a miserable death.

  4. We have no doubt that he is enjoying his place around the rainbow bridge. That was a lovely tribute

  5. Rusty was a very special brother, RIP beautiful Rusty.