Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday's Gardening Post

::3 Paw Taps::

Mom doesn't have any new good outside pictures of me in the garden, but I wanted to show you my Dad's orchid plant. He is especially pleased with the number of flowers on the plant, because orchids are not all that easy to grow, even the "easiest" kind like this one called a Phaelanopsis.
It usually stays in the "kitty free zone" of the living room bay window, but I am actually pretty good and don't try to eat it.

Would you believe that they were willing to leave me home just in the care of a pet sitter, but Dad didn't trust the pet sitter to care correctly for the orchid, so he took it to a friend's house?

Anyhow, they are going to be home very very soon. Next week I hope to post real outside pictures! And better than this one:


  1. That's a really pretty orchid, Simba. We can see why your dad is so proud of it. We don't know if we could leave it alone, though.

  2. The orchid is lovely and we're very impressed you don't try to eat it.

    We think there's something wrong with leave YOU in the care of a sitter, though, but taking the orchid to a friend. LOL.

  3. Your orchid is beautiful. Yes the Woman has killed a couple of those types of orchids. They loose their flowers but then they don't ever come back although the leaves remain green.

  4. That's a beautiful flower and I can see why your dad is so proud of it. I have sections of dog pen surrounding all my Japanese maples since our dog seems to think they're delicious. Looks silly but protects the trees.

  5. Are you telling us there isn't a little nibble mark on that orchid - we hope you dad's friend doesn't kill it!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. That is so pretty Simba! Hey, I hope you get extra treats from the sitter!

  7. Simba...when you get a chance..take a bite out of that thing!!! You need to let them know what you think about a sitter for you and the orchid going relsewhere.

    Love and kisses

  8. Maybe humans who are good with cats aren't necessarily good with orchids. If my human were as bad with cats as she is with plants, we would be in big trouble!

  9. Sparkle: sadly my humans don't dare ask friends to take ME on, whereas they are willing to babysit an orchid. Hmmmmmffff!
    On the other hand, they didn't want the pet sitter sloshing water around in the living room where the orchid has to stay closed away from me. Yet they trust him with my LIFE!

  10. The orchid is very pretty and we can see why your dad likes it so much and hopefully the plant sitter is taking good care of it. We do, however, think you deserve extra treats and some ham for having to stay home alone! (Our mommy wouldn't send us to a pet sitter either.)

  11. What a beautiful orchid!!!!!!!!! We can't believe your dad took it to a plant sitter....but we think we would rather be left at home with a kitty sitter coming in to care for us, then have to go somewhere new!!!!!!!!!!

    We love you Simba.

  12. Simba
    That is a truly beautiful orchid. It would be an eaten orchid if it was in our house. My brother Ping eats anything resembling a green plant including Mom's silk plants.


  13. OMC! They took the ORCHID to a special sitter and left YOU all on your own. You know what? They are soooooooooooooooooooooo FIRED!

  14. I can't believe they put you in the hands of a pet sitter they don't trust with a plant.

    Thanks for being our friend.