Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photo Hunt - Dusty

These pictures are from last year.
We have a lot of places in our yard where the grass is very thin, or not there at all. The trees make a lot of shade and also drink a ton of water, making it hard for grass to eke out an existence in some places. Here is one such dusty place under this evergreen tree: even the tree is having some issues! Look at those lower dead branches that Dad needs to get to trimming.
In the hotter weather the driveway can get pretty dusty too and it is great if I have a chance to roll in the dirtiness. I don't do this often!
Mom apologizes for not helping me visit and comment on all my friends' blogs - we have been rather sporadic. She either has a bad cough and cold, or a bad case of allergies, she is not sure which. Either way, it is making her feel very draggy.
Oops, looks like we accidentally posted about next week's PhotoHunt theme!!!!
Have a great weekend all.


  1. I bet rolling in the dust is fun!

  2. I like to roll in the dust. Mud is very good for your skin, so just take a swim after the dust.

  3. Maybe rolling in the dust will help your Mom feel better! We're sending her purrs!!! Hey, you're just a week ahead hunting your photos!

  4. My mom's baby that came before me, Robin was an indoor outdoor girl and she loved rolling in the dust. LOVED it. What a smile she had on too. Of course the roughness of the concrete added to her fun. Scratched her sweet back.

  5. We like dust baths too - mum hates it when we come in and flop down and leave some for her to try!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Thanks to #1's ineptness when it comes to house-keeping, we have plenty of dust to roll around in in the house!!!

    The Chans

  7. We love you, handsome Simba, and always enjoy your photos....whether they were taken today or last year.

    Our mama can understand the sporadic thing....we usually visit but mama hasn't always been leaving comments......something to do with arthur visitng her hands????????

  8. Simba, rolling in dirt has to be one of the BEST things in the world. Except when you are white like me--I get baths after I roll in the red dirt here!
    ~The Baby

  9. Oh wow, rolling in the dust is one of our favorite things to do. Who cares if you were supposed to do it next week. Then you just get to do it again. Great pictures. Take care.

  10. Rolling in the dust looks like fun! Scarlett used to do that all the time when she was an outdoor kitty.

  11. I like rolling around on the cement too, Simba, but my mom doesn't like me to because I get all dusty and dirty! She's a real spoil sport!!

    My allergies are kicking up...maybe that's what's causing your mom to feel draggy.


  12. Early post, or late post, it matters not cause they are delightful photos!
    Here's to feeling better real soon.

  13. Rolling in the dusty driveway looks like fun Simba but we love your hunter look in the first photo! You truly are a very handsome 007 Mancat!

  14. Oh, we were distracted by your handsome face and forgot to say we hope your mom feels better soon!

  15. I roll in the dust too - it drives Vicki nuts....

  16. Oh, that looks like lots of fun. I wish i could do that.


  17. Roll
    Rolling! WE love to do that too.

    We are sorry we have not been by to leave a comment, but our internet connection has been out for several days straight now with intermittent service for several weeks. We hope it is fixed, we are keeping our paws and whiskers crossed.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  18. My Smudge was such a special kitty...but so was my beloved Simba. I miss them so much!

  19. Looking at these photos made me realize how Simba's fur really does resemble a lion or lioness' in color! :O