Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Gardening with Simba

First I want to say farewell to Annie, one of the sweet (and crabbilated) members of the SoFG. Annie went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, after not having been well for quite a long time. She is joining Chumley there. Annie, run free and happy. We will meet again one day. Please purr for her Mom, Kim, who has a sad hole in her heart now.

At our place, what little gardening I can do is inside. Here are my narcissus bulbs. They are being kept mostly in the dark in the basement for now, but we brought them up for the photos. They have to grow in the dark until mid March, then they will come into the light.

Look at how many roots they are making so they can drink lots and lots of water!


  1. I am glad you are getting ready for spring--that makes it easier. We were so sad to hear about Annie.

  2. How cool! Most bulb plants don't do well here in southern California. It does not get cold enough for them.

  3. Simba, we are purring for Annie's Mom.

    We think your bulbs are neat, the roots are cool! And we like how you are a big loaf of gingerbread in the first picture!

  4. Me and my mom did purr for for Annie. We feel so sad about her

    Narcissus bulbs is so cute ! Great idea to plant in the clear glass so you can see it pop up !!!


  5. The narcissus bulbs are growing well. We are sad about Annie too.

  6. we feel so bad for broke our hearts...((((hugs)))))

    We are happy to see a wonderful sign of Spring, from YOU!

  7. That's cool how you can see the roots there!!

    We are so sad about Annie going to the Bridge. At least she is not suffering anymore. But we know her mom misses her very much.

  8. Hey Simba that is really neat. YOU can watch the entire plant grow!

    We were deeply sadden by the loss of Annie, and we will keep her Mom in our special purrs.


  9. We're very sad about Annie and are purring for her mom.

    You are a really good gardener Simba and your plants are looking ready for spring! We have so many things blooming and budding here we're ready for open windows of spring!

  10. It's lovely to see them grow, Simba. You are gifted with green paws. Thanks for the purrs. Au ate again so we're hoping he's on an upswing. We really appreciate your support.

  11. Nice roots and a lovely tribute to our friend.

  12. We were very sorry to hear about Annie too.

    The bulbs look wonderful!