Monday, May 24, 2010

Me on Monday

Mom and Dad got home on Saturday night. We were very excited to see each other. I did stick like glue for many hours, but I also love my deck, so after a while I wanted to spend time out there. Mom made me wear my harness some of the time, which means I don't like to move around too much, and prefer to lie on a comfy towel surveying the scene and smelling all the outdoor smells. Sunday was a Good Day.

My friend Gus took good care of me, so no worries there. But I did get kind of lonely. Also, each time yesterday that Mom and Dad left the house for a little while, I greeted them with talkative meows again when they arrived back home, as if I thought they had gone on vacation again.

Last night Mom was useless to me, because she spent HOURS watching LOST on TV. She still doesn't understand it all.

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. We're glad you're reunited with your family, Simba, even if your family is still "LOST"!

    Great photo!

  2. But I bet that Lost thing gave you some good lap time!

  3. Lost never has made any sense to our mama....we would much rather watch the FEVVER channel.

    Have a fantabulous day, Simba. xxxx

  4. Yay! We're glad your parents got home Simba. You look very happy on your special place on the deck.

  5. Awww ... we're glad yoor family is back togevver. Enjoy.
    PS: Did they bring yoo any treats? If not whine a bit. It usually werks.

  6. We hope your mom and dad don't go on any other vacation any time soon! It's nice that Gus took good care of you though and we're glad you can enjoy your deck once again!

  7. My mom and I watched Lost last night, too--all night! And who knows why...we stopped watching after season 2. (But it could be that since she turned into couch kibble, she's watched it in syndication on the weekends and got hooked again. Oh well--I like the opportunity to snuggle.)

  8. We're glad you mom and dad are home and things are back to normal for you, Simba!!

    We're glad our mom didn't watch Lost so we didn't hafta lose her all night!!

  9. First I am sorry about the slow dance! Yikes.

    Second Mom watched Lost too, and came away lost. Although she said she was happy to see everyone happy.