Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the Eve of the Eve

We got snow yesterday and last night, kitties.      Dad has just gone outside to try to move it around with his blower masheen.     Hopefully it is not too icy for that, which would then require shovel labor instead.    

As we get close to switching over to a new year, here are some of the last pictures taken of us by The Baby's Mama while she was here.  

I guess the next pictures from here will be 2013 pictures!

In case we don't get back to the blog in time, we want to wish all a Happy New Year!    Tell the humans to celebrate sensibly and stay safe.    Maybe even just stay home with you and snuggle.

Updated:   We just noticed this is our 800th post!!  ( Now Mom is doing the Math:  if each post only took 10 minutes, that is 133 hours spent writing blog posts!   And that doesn't count READING other blogs!    And we have really gotten much slacker with posting lately.   Yikes!  ) 


  1. Snuggling with felines is surely the only way to celebrate the new year ? We wish all the very best to you and yours too!

  2. Lovely pictures! Thanks for the good wishes. Ours to you as well.

    The Chans

  3. We got some more snow on top of what we already had. Guess it's gonna be a white New Years!

    We wish you all a very Happy New Year!!

  4. Those are sure great pictures! Happy New Year to all of you!

  5. Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing you in 2013. I do have one more blog post scheduled to ring out 2012.

  6. We love seeing you guys through another person's purrspective!

    Happy New Year, and conCATS on 800 posts! Mommy says "pish-tosh" to 133 hours, who keeps track of time having fun?

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  8. Gasp! I've been commenting under POP's account! Sorry! Concats on the round number! Happy Healthy New Year! BTW, your new photographer takes nice pictures.

  9. Concats!! 800 Posts!! We love visiting you for each one.

  10. That's a lot of time writing blog posts! Concats on your 800th though! We love the photos and your advice too. Happy New Year to all of you!

  11. The Human doesn't even want to think how much time the Blog has sucked up! On the plus side, she doesn't really watch TV anymore, MOL!

  12. Last photos for 2012 and you two look fabulous !
    Happy New Year 2013

    May Every Single Day of Your New Year Glow With

    Pawsome Cheer,
    Excellent Healthy,

    ❤ You always been loved by Me ❤

    Puddy Boy

  13. Happy New Year friends!!! We wish you a healthy and happy 2013 :-)

  14. Happy New Year! And happy 800th! Purrs...

  15. Conga Rats on #800! Happy New Year to you all!

    P.S. *We* woke up to snow this morning. It's a week late!

  16. Hm...I will have to make mommy see if she can tell how many I have done.

  17. Happy new year! We hope 2013 brings love, laughter, good health and prosperity!

    Purrs and peace.

    P.S. Concats on 800 posts!

  18. Mowzers, HAPPY New Year! And concats on 800 posts! Mommy's groaning at the thought of all that time....we're MOLing at her!