Thursday, December 15, 2011

Farewell Sweet Admiral

Oh, kitties, we are feeling very sad today because we just got the news that our dearest sweetest friend Admiral Hestorb had to fly off to the Rainbow Bridge.      Her Mommy's heart is understandably broken.    Please go and pay a visit to her.

Admiral, fly high, fly free, be always well and happy!   One day we will meet at the Rainbow Bridge, for sure.

This is our favorite picture of Admiral, borrowed from her blog.    It shows the brilliant color of her lovely eyes, and her gorgeous creamy chin and bib.


  1. I can't tell how sad this is as I'm going to miss the Admiral. I took the photo to post on my blog. The tears keep flowing because it hurts and I know her Mom must be crushed. Thanks, Simba for this post.
    xoxo Kassey and her Mom

  2. I am sad beyond words. Run free my dear sweet Admiral. Love you always.

  3. Yes ,,, Today iz a Very Sad Day. We knew she waz sick , but somehow it seemed to come all ov a sudden ^..^
    We ,,,, Efuryone iz very Broken hearted and will miss her so very much. You wrote a Beautiful tribute to her :)
    Soft Purrz to All today ~ xo

  4. Oh dear ! It's so hard for me to believe this. I'm deeply sorry about Miss Admiral. Me and mom love her so much. I feel the same way as Avalons..It's all of the sudden ! I send soft purrs to her and Mom Carole.
    Many Hugs

  5. We were so sad to hear that Admiral went OTRB...we all have weepy whiskers.

  6. We are sad beyond words. We tries to do our normal things, and finds our heart hurts through it all.
    This is a very nice tribute, Simba.

  7. I thank you Simba and Mom and all of you who commented. My heart is broken in two. I draw comfort from others and I thank you so much. All my love.

  8. We just heard this news and are devastated. We love that photo of beautiful Admiral too.

  9. I have heard about this too, it is so so sad! :o(

  10. What a sad day for all of us. I already miss her lots.

  11. Our hearts are broken. We can't believe our beautiful, funny furiend is gone. We will miss her very much. We send purrs to her mom.

    Sail on, sweet Admiral...sail on...

  12. WE are also so very sad to be saying goodbye to one of the sweetest girls on the CB.

    The Chans

  13. That is one great picture of the gorgeous Admiral. We are all very sad too. She was one of our very favorites. We sure are thinking about Carole too. Take care

  14. We are going to miss Sweet Admiral too - we will miss her so much it hurts.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Oh Adnral.... We will remember you always. Thanks for the great post and tribute to Admiral.

    pawhugs, Max

  16. Oh so sad...
    (((purrs))) and (((hugs)))
    xo Katie & Glogirly